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Pastors (Gym Leaders)

Name: Taylor
Picture: Here
Location: Cherub Town
Age: 14
Abilities: Telepath / Healing Touch
  • Natu Lv. 11
  • Chimecho Lv. 14
Kind and sweet hearted, she's often found in the forest outside of Cherub Town tending to injured Pokémon. Originally a student in university, she dropped everything to become a Sister of the Ho-Oh Order. Psychically gifted, she specializes in Psychic-type Pokemon.

Name: Jeffrey
Picture: None
Location: Pietr City
Age: 23
Abilities: None

  • Koffing Lv. 19
  • Seviper Lv. 21
A dedicated soldier who was assigned to the bustling city of Pietr City. Despite his hardened appearance and strict rule, he is still popular amongst the residents. A firm believer in a strong defense is the best offense, he has recently taken up refortifying the city's walls.

Name: Raymond
Picture: Here
Location: Gregarian City
Age: 41
Abilities: Firebreather, Sword Eater, Acrobat

  • Numel Lv. 22
  • Vulpix Lv. 23
  • Houndoom Lv.26
A former circus performer turned Holy Man. Trusted by the Acolyte to protect and upkeep Ho-oh's everburning flame. Flashy in appearance, fashion and battling style. Known to have his servants build houses just so he can burn them down. Rather unpopular amongst the citizens except for a group of women called "Ray's Harem."

Name: Tyra
Picture: None
Location: Stalwart's Oasis
Age: 17
Abilities: Master of Disguise/Singer

  • Weepinbell Lv. 25
  • Jumpluff Lv. 27
  • Bellossom Lv. 30
A former prostitute who was "saved" by the church and brought in as a nun. Unfortunately, she couldn't give up her lifestyle completely and still performs at the nightclubs that populate Stalwart's Oasis. She is also used by the church to infiltrate the rebel's bases due to her knack for disguises and acting.

Name: Matthew
Picture: None
Location: Roma City
Age: ??
Abilities: Unknown

  • Delcatty Lv.31
  • Porygon2 Lv.33
  • Glameow Lv.30
  • Persian Lv.35
A cloaked figure who recently arrived on the island. He quickly defeated all of the Pastors and the Cardinals. He agreed to forfeiting his match against the Acolyte in return for a position as a Pastor in Roma City. Not much is known about him as he wears a mask and talks very little. The team he uses are all freshly caught Pokémon and are not the ones he used in the challenge.

Name: Shawn
Picture: None
Location: Bjolnir Mountain
Age: 19
Abilities: Above Average Intelligence, Several degrees in various engineering fields

  • Gligar Lv.38
  • Skarmory Lv.39
  • Noctowl Lv.40
  • Delibird Lv.42
Originally from Johto, his parents sent him to Ho-oh's Crest to study at their premier university. He quickly grabbed the attention of the church and was made a Pastor. His intelligence is at genius levels and he's capable of solving the numerous problems plaguing the church. He built his own plane which he can be seen flying around the city.

Name: Jessica
Picture: None
Location: Carnava City
Age: 40
Abilities: Above Average Physical Strength

  • Donphan Lv.43
  • Piloswine Lv.46
  • Quagsire Lv.44
  • Nidoqueen Lv. 48
A jovial middle aged woman who is Shawn's best friend and mentor. She has been the most outspoken critic of the Acolyte amongst the Pastors. Has recently been disappearing for weeks at a time without explanation. Physically stronger than most men. An avid fan of Mexican food.

Name: Christina
Picture: None
Location: Fairborough City
Age: 28
Abilities: Master Orator

  • Cacturne Lv.49
  • Crawdaunt Lv.48
  • Sableye Lv.46
  • Murkrow Lv.50
  • Skuntank Lv.52
The leader of sorts amongst the Pastors. Beautiful, cunning and a master speaker. She used to be a Cardinal for the former Acolyte before Vladimir took over. She returned to her hometown of Fairborough to take over the Pastor position. She too is unhappy with the new Acolyte but her sense of duty forces her to follow all of his commands.
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