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Cardinals & Acolyte

Name: Minerva
Gender: Female
Art: None
Age: 40
Hometown: Pietr City
Abilities: None
Embodiment of Gluttony

  • Solrock Lv.54
  • Cradily Lv.52
  • Golem Lv.53
  • Aerodactyl Lv.54
  • Aggron Lv.56
For years Minerva was the runt of her family. Overweight, lazy and slow. Terrible traits to carry in a family of athletes. What she lacked in physical attractiveness and athletic ability she made up for in training Pokémon. She always managed to beat her numerous brothers and sisters in a convincing matter. Eventually she gained the attention of the church and was made the Pastor of her town. Her first order of business was to have her family evicted from their house and made her personal servants. When this was found out, she was kicked from her position and imprisoned. However, when the new Acolyte took over, she was released and promoted to one the four Cardinal positions. Her room is full of food, wine and other excesses of luxury.

Name: Gustav
Gender: Male
Age: 38
Art: None
Hometown: Stalwart's Oasis
Abilities: None
Embodiment of Lust

  • Armaldo Lv.55
  • Venomoth Lv.56
  • Heracross Lv. 54
  • Beedrill Lv.56
  • Pinsir Lv.57
Gustav was known for his ability to charm any woman with his dashing good lucks and charm. He married almost every rich widow in the country. Inexplicably, they died soon after but it was never proven he played a part in her death. He used his new found wealth to seduce every woman in the country. Eventually he charmed his way into a position of power in the church. However, he was discovered poisoning a Pastor's drink and thrown in jail. Much like Minerva, when the new Acolyte took over, Gustav was promoted to an Cardinal position.

Name: Simone
Gender: Female
Age: 12
Art: None
Hometown: Olympia City
Abilities: None
Embodiment of Envy

  • Magneton Lv.55
  • Forretress Lv. 56
  • Metagross Lv.58
  • Skarmory Lv.57
  • Mawile Lv.59
Born into a life of religion. Since her birth, she has been groomed to be the leader of the many sisters who served Ho-oh. She was angered by her life and wanted nothing more than to break free. She was kept under tight supervision and eventually Simone gave into what was expected of her. She quickly showed great aptitude at what she did. However, if any other girl started to outshine her, she had them removed from the order and forced into some form of servitude. Her dolls had to be the best, her dresses made of the finest materials and no other person could have better Pokémon. Due to her position, she was automatically made a Cardinal, making her the only one of the four to not be handpicked by the Acolyte. She admires him though and does whatever he orders.

Name: Peter
Gender: Male
Age: 27
Art: None
Hometown: Hoenn
Abilities: Piracy
Embodiment of Sloth

  • Whiscash Lv.58
  • Tentacruel Lv. 58
  • Ludicolo Lv.57
  • Lanturn Lv.59
  • Gyarados Lv.60
Known around the world as the "Scarlet Marauder." His piracy knew no limits: trade ships, cruise ships, rafts or submarines. If they were on the sea, they were prey for Peter. His days were numbered when his ship crashed into Ho-oh's Crest and he was captured by the church. He was convicted of numerous crimes and sentenced to death. Fortunately for him, the day of his execution also marked the day of the new Acolyte taking over. He was immediately pardoned and made the top ranking Cardinal. In gratitude, he is overly loyal to the Acolyte. He would do ANYHING for him.


Name: Vladimir
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown (Around 40)
Art: None
Hometown: Unknown
Abilities: Unknown
Embodiment of Greed, Wrath and Pride

  • Walrein Lv.60
  • Shiftry Lv.59
  • Machamp Lv.59
  • Manectric Lv.60
  • Gengar Lv.61
  • Arcanine Lv.62
A mysterious man who appeared on the island after the previous Acolyte's death and came forward with a legitimate claim to the position. With no other choice, the church anointed him and became the newest Acolyte. He made sweeping changes, including adopting policies from the Pokémon League, canceling many festivals and bringing three new Cardinals on board. All former criminals, he declared the theme of the year to be 'Repentance.' However to some, they sense something malicious behind his decisions and a resistance movement has been growing in opposition to his rule.
Vladimir is actually a former Team Rocket Member hired by the Pokémon League to infiltrate Ho-oh's crest. His brother is actually the legitimate heir to the position but he apparently died several years earlier. Assuming his identity, he moved in and claimed the position. His goal is to bring the island under the League's control and the start collecting taxes from the immense wealth the island holds. Along the way, Vladimir discovered the festival celebrating Ho-oh's Wish. Being a former Rocket member, he knows a golden opportunity when he sees one. He decides to use this chance to revive the Gang with him as leader and more powerful then before.
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