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Originally Posted by psychicboy View Post
We can has beta nows? :D Nah but in all seriousness, your hack looks very epic right now. The storylines great without changing too much of the basic pokemon formula we've all come to love. I'm really looking forward to the first beta!
Thanks :D

Originally Posted by aquadan View Post
wow luke your hack is soooo epic developing nicely :D

Your character detail is more than just looks and simple natures, you can imagine the character, and then the lil twists you make it even better :)

But enough of the praise, let get on to what i hate about this hack. oh wait there is nothing. :P

Although it may be a bit out dated; someone said that why people would treat a pokemon like a god, when pokemon are pets and all i can say is:
Indians have cow's as there god.
different cultures see things differently (like Chinese people and cats)

Oh there was something Luke, the 3rd gyn leader likes mexican food.
This is like your only refrence to earth. maybe change it too spicy food?

Only a suggestion!!!!

Good luck
There are several references to the real world in this game and Mexican food is a reference to the person the character is based on.


Yes, Honey Trees make an appearance in Broken Beacon. About a year ago, an organization of Flora & Fauna enthusiasts traveled to Ho-oh's Crest. They brought with them numerous trees from Sinnoh to increase the insect population on the island (hence why the trees stick out in comparison to everything else on the island). The trees function like Headbutt in this game.

Grumpy hiker...

One of two rivals in the game. When we find a reliable OW spriter, his appearance will change. His role in the game is an enforcer from the Church sent around to take care of issues that may hurt the church. As you move along, he becomes more interested in your goals. Whether he supports them or wishes to stop them is unclear.

We'll have a video soon of one of our awesome events.
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