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I actually think this is an interesting and worthwhile project.
The only reason I don't follow it too much, is because I, personally, think you haven't put enough
effort in to the graphics. That's what always makes me wanna play a game.

And also, I am too working on a game based on the first Anime Season of Pokemon, so
I feel like I don't wanna encourage my rival, xD

But I really don't think you should give up just because everybody doesn't always seem interested.
Sometimes, maybe they simply don't have anything to say right then.

But if you really believe you want to take pause, by all means do.
You shouldn't do something if you think it's tiresome or don't have time.
If you do, it never turns out good, and you'll have to redo it later anyway, xD

But still.
I think people support this project even if, like me, they're to lazy to show it, xD

I really hope this game continues.
So by all means, Good Luck!
But just wait 'til my Anime-game gets here!! xD

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