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- Pokemon Rogue -

Pokemon Rogue is a Pokemon Fan Game created with RPG Maker XP and the Pokemon Essentials Starter Kit. The game development is ran by me and anyone else on the team list, and progress is determined by my efforts and interests so I don't get bored enough of making the game to help. It takes place in the new region of Haiden and will center around the incorporating of a semi-open world gameplay and the quests that go with it.

The Haiden Region


You, the player character, are an orphan from the infamous Reef Isles Tragedy.
The only survivor, you are adopted by Gallen, the leader of a small, family like mercenary group called the Desert Hawk.
The Reef Isles Tragedy left you as the only survivor when it sank.
Reports on it are fuzzy at best, telling of an crash and actual sinking of the ship, the USS Titus, is believed to have been caused by an iceberg.
You grow up like part of the family that is the Desert Hawk until the game's start at age 14.
You begin as you turn 14, and are instated into the Desert Hawk as a junior member by your adopted father, Gallen, and the other authorities of the group, Brad and Janice.
You awaken, and find yourself in the middle of a shaking ship, called the USS Titus.

The story follows the adventures of you, a freelance junior mercenary, through the Haiden region.
You will confront Solum Juvenis, a cult and criminal organization, and their struggles.
The mysterious cult has been searching a long time, but for what, and why? And what connection do they have to the Desert Hawk?

____Goal Features____
*These features are my goals, and are subject to change.

Semi-Open World Gameplay
The open world gameplay concept is going to be implemented in this title. It is "semi-open world" because of how Pokemon works. There will be several separated areas of the region that you can access after reaching certain areas of the main story and/or Gym Battles. These will make quests found in the area at an appropiate level for the player. The actual open worldliness takes the same approach as games like Fallout 3 and the Elder Scrolls series.

Quests are the focal point of creating the open world. Similar to how they are done in Fallout 3, quests will be naturally found stories that you find in the world and play through.

Medals are based off Trophies and Achievements, from Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 respectively.If you are familiar with them, you will know what I'm talking about. If not, then they will be a virtual collectible for achieving certain tasks in game.

Quick Select
A small feature idea that involves the ability to assign button up to 3 or so buttons for many things like items, menu options (Bag, Save, etc.) and more

The Wilderness
A secluded, barely touched part of the world, the Wilderness is home to the strongest Pokemon in the world. Be careful if you venture there, it is unmapped and not a place for anyone but strong trainers.

Catchable Pokemon
All 493 Pokemon will be catchable in the region. I have no plans to add Fakemon at the moment.

__________________Player Character
Default Name: Aiden(Male)/Hayley(Female)

Age: 14
Born the son/daughter of the wealthy Joseph and Caren Jones. His/Her parents died in the Reef Isles Tragedy. He/She was the only survivor of a crashed cruise ship that was carrying about 5,000 people, including most of his/her family. A mercenary group had taken the job of raiding the cruise ship and stealing a valuable jewel on board. During the raid, the boat reportedly hit an iceberg. A small group of the mercenaries escaped and found a 4 year old Aiden/Hayley struggling to swim in the water. The rescued him/her and Gallen, their leader, decided to raise Aiden/Hayley like his own son/daughter, since he himself never had the opportunity.

Default Name: Calder

Age: 16
Personality -
Calder displays a seemingly emotionless attitude caused by his childhood. His goals are mysterious, often mixing with his own personal ambitions and his ties with Solum Juvenis
Background -
The unknown teen from Solum Juvenis. He grew up being trained for what was seen as his destiny, and that training has left him at what he is today.

Desert Hawk Leader/7th Gym Leader

Age: 46
Personality -
Gallen is a caring leader who is like a father figure to the small mercenary group called Desert Hawk. He cares very
much for everyone under him in Desert Hawk, but is willing to do what he has to do outside of it to keep every as happy and as safe as possible.
Background -
Gallen took over as leader of Desert Hawk at age 18. He was a relatively
effective leader, and Desert Hawk grew slowly. During this time he became a gym leader. He used that gym as a base of operations for missions away from the
main Desert Hawk Complex,He had a care free attitude until he decided to take the job that resulted in the Reef Isles Tragedy. The event
hurt him a lot and he's done everything he's can to protect Desert Hawk since, starting when he decided to adopt the orphaned player character.

*More to come in later updates



__Live Games Team__

Leader/ Main developer - LX_Theo

Those are the people who are doing stuff for the game. I feel I'm competent enough skill wise to cover most things, but I do need help with scripting and music composition. I'd really appreciated if someone could at least help me with this.For anyone else who is interested in contributing to the game, then just PM me what you want to do and a few examples of your work. So fill this out.
Job Wanted:
Proof of Work:

Here's specifics on what I'd be most interested in:
Job: Scriptor
Need for One: ||||||||||
Description: A scriptor would help in the development of the menu and the implication of both the Quest, Quick Select, and Medal system. Those are the things I know I'll need to be scripted.

Job: Music Composer
Need for One: ||||||||||
Description: The Music Composer would basically write and make music for the game.

Job: Quest Writer
Need for One: ||||||||||
Description: The Quest Writer would be writing imaginative quests for the world that the player takes part in.

Job: Mapper
Need for One: ||||||||||
Description: Mapping parts of the region.

Job: Graphic Designer
Need for One: ||||||||||
Description: Making graphics for the game. Like trainer sprites, tiles, etc.


Starter Kit - Poccil, Flameguru
Tiles - Alucus_Of_Borg
Tiles - Novus
Tiles - Dew
Tiles - Kyledove
Tiles - Alistar
Tiles - 121rotom35


December 11th, 2009
-New Region Map
-Two Characters Revealed

December 20th, 2009
- Menu system Video

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