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    Ah i finally found the secret!! =D (the picture should be attached)

    Ah first off i'd like to say congrats on an amazing demo! It really was something, it's been the best game (not just fan-made) that i've played in a while and i really had fun with it

    I love the music, gameplay, the beautiful maps, the ranger board concept and just about everything about it really so thank you for making it and i'm really looking forward to the next demo release! Although that Saturn battle did challenge me a bit; and you are now responsible for my hatred of Kadabras But i have to say i did lol a bit when my level 10 Stunky took down his level 21 Kadabra =P

    A few little errors i found during gameplay though (hope you dont mind me listing them):

    I was able to surf on the stairs on the monument island on route 51 and i battled a poliwag there!
    In what i think was Gullport city, a person in rest inc. and the Town name at the top of the screen when arriving or exiting a house reads: Calodust city
    Also in Gullport, there are two unenterable houses and you can pass through one of the windows which i think should be impassable
    A few road signs say West when i think they should say east
    And a few text errors here and there xD

    But apart from that, you're good to go! =D Keep up the good work!
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