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    Originally Posted by countryemo
    awesomeness, yea.
    great hack
    Hehe, thanks.

    Originally Posted by AztecFire
    About the Latios message, for some reason I went back to the house and there was no message. I guess it's because earlier I had a WtW cheat on (lol I managed to make it to Fortree City).

    Also what I meant about Kanto was, I know you are going to include it, but how will you make the map show up on the PokeNav?

    Also one thing I suggest: Make a different house and lab for New Bark Town, instead of using Pallet Town's houses. It looks kinda weird seeing Kanto houses in Johto.
    See I knew it. I think it'll be mostly ASM involved to get the map showing, I mean showing a simple map with no labels and location data is easy On the houses and labs... Is it that weird?

    Originally Posted by pokefreak2
    in your alpha the guy outside route 30 in cherrygrove has the old man script and i think he needs the
    script you said be4 where to tell you that the alpha ends but instead yea has the old man that
    gives you town map script
    Uh, that's impossible... Are you sure? Does any other players have this also?

    Originally Posted by Desman3000
    Ya, idk if you'll be able to compete with shiny gold, I mean the main region is already DONE... but neway, GOOD LUCK on ur Hack. anta:
    Of course, Shiny Gold is in it's last stages. This is a rhetorical question I'll try my best to not keep you disappointed.

    Originally Posted by .com
    I want to play the beta epic bad, but I get a white screen also. It's not my save type or anything on VBA, and I patched correctly and all... I tried to open the ROM on AMap, and it gave me offset errors. Are you sure you've been using the (U) AXVE ROM to hack? I usually have this problem when it's that, so... Anyways, I hope I can find a way for it to work >:0.

    ...also, does your rom have a hacked intro? I know a lot of the Rubys floating around have that. The ROM I'm using doesn't have one, so, patching one using it to it might be the problem.
    Uh. You're not suppose to open my ROM Anyway, the ROM that I use is a clean Ruby version [AXVE] with no intro hacks and all. I know my ROMs , clean as ever. I don't see why other people aren't complaining. If you need more help, go over the patching tutorial again. If you still can't fix it, please VM me.
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