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    Originally Posted by Wichu View Post
    Naming it something random isn't a good idea; security through obscurity isn't really security at all. It would take a single person to decrypt the game data, check the filenames needed, and post them on a forum, to completely ruin the whole thing.

    The best way to do it is to implement everything on the server. The game doesn't do any checking whatsoever; instead, it pulls data off a website and creates a Pokémon from that.

    That way, you can add new gifts after the game has been published, and make sure players can't cheat (short of hacking the site where it's stored). You could even add the code to a fixed forum post (the first post in the thread), and have the game read from that.

    I'm probably going to make a tutorial for my method, and more
    Whether you remember or not, about a half year ago you greatly helped me write a mystery gift event that read text from my website.
    I knew pretty much nothing about scripting then and you helped me along.

    It is still the only real feature in my game but with all of these tutorials, I guess that I will have to make something new.
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