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Originally Posted by Nyu~♥! View Post
Yeah, that'd be better. Though, I was thinking a different way before seeing this:
The player gets a secret code from the games site, which they can then enter into a certain computer. (of course, this code would be something totally unpredictable, like fhyd80292 or watev, lol) By doing this the player can pick up a certain item from a little map I created called the Delivery Office.
They would then activate it, by using it in a certain area, or using the item in it's own specialty(like the flutes playing) to start an event.

..but, I totally suck at scripting such items. :/ And I don't know anything about inputting text. |o
By inputting text you could probably modify the name input method a little bit. And store the value of the "name" into a variable. Kind of like how it is done with the Rival's name input. But instead of having "Rival's Name?" put something like "Gift Code?" or something I don't know.
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