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    Originally Posted by VGAura View Post
    I will not be able to release the next version on new years as promised.
    I encountered some major problems during testing involving the hacked engine.
    I couldn't make Identity work properly and, to be honest, it was a huge mistake to not test it out before inserting the new maps and scripts.
    (I applied the patch of the hacked engine first, then the patch of Identity)

    In the worst case scenario, I will have to transfer all maps and scripts manually.
    I'll try to find a way around this problem but as it stands, I cannot release a newer version at the moment.


    Originally Posted by VGAura View Post
    It seems that the sprite that people wants to see is the mysterious woman.
    Since you guys asked for it, here she is:

    And a bonus, here's a single frame of Aster for getting second:

    Logo by Kip


    Hack Name: Pokémon Identity
    Hack Of: FireRed(U) [BPRE]
    Author: VGAura

    Language: English

    Happy New Years everybody.
    I started this hack almost a year ago and since then, I’ve become quite skilled at scripting. I want to make a Pokémon game that has a larger emphasis on story and character development.

    I didn’t want to reveal anything about this hack until I felt satisfied with how it turned out. Well, it’s been almost a year so I figured I’d release the demo anyways.

    February Began planning
    2/13/09: Officially started the hack
    2/21/09: Completed Prologue
    2/23/09: Began Chapter 1
    4/27/09: Research Starters
    4/29/09: Completed Starters
    6/4/09: Completed Chapter 1 Main Scripts
    6/11/09: Begin Chapter 1 Sidequests
    6/24/09: Completed Lava Cake Sidequest
    7/13/09: Completed Vixie Sidequest
    8/12/09: Completed Final Touches on Chapter 1, Begin Chapter 2 Mapping
    9/11/09: Begin Chapter 2 Main Scripts
    9/20/09: Main Scripts in Silvertone City/Sewers Complete
    11/7/09: Main Scripts in Sid’s Inn Complete
    11/20/09: Scripts in Silvertone Pass Complete
    11/25/09: Major Scripts and Demo Ending Skit Complete
    12/22/09: Sewer Trainers Implemented
    12/26/09: Items Implemented
    12/27/09: Extra Scripts Complete
    12/28/09: Final Touches Done
    12/29/09: Began Primary Testing
    12/30/09: Completed Primary Testing
    12/31/09: Began/Completed Secondary Testing
    1/1/10: Thread Posted and Demo #1 Released
    1/4/10: Began Character Designs
    1/5/10: Basic Scripting Complete for First Chapter 3 “Mini-game”
    1/8/10: Completed Id’s OW Walking Sprites
    1/15/10: Began Protagonist Front Sprites
    1/17/10: Complete Protagonist Front Sprites
    2/10/10: Revamped Female Id’s Front Sprite

    In Auria City, the region’s 100th annual Pokémon League tournament is being held. As the tournament commence, a young child writes in a journal about how festive the city has become…

    Our protagonist Id (pronounced EED) wakes up in an unknown location and discovers that most of his/her body has been replaced with mechanical parts. Startled, Id is determined to escape and find out what is going on but doing so will not be easy when there are strange scientists determined to capture him/her. However, with the help of a mysterious woman, the protagonist manages to grab a Pokémon before escaping the building through the back entrance. Id barely manages to avoid his/her pursuers before sneaking onboard a ship, not knowing where it will go…

    About the game
    • You can select either boy or girl and the texts in game will change accordingly.
    • There will be different texts for boy and girl characters but most of it will just be pronoun changes (he/she, him/her)
    • This hack is extremely script and dialogue heavy so if you don’t like that kind of stuff, this hack is not for you.
    • Hack is split into chapters. This Demo contains Chapter 1, Chapter 2, and a Mini-chapter that serves as a bridge between Chapter 2 and 3. Chapter 3 will not be in this Demo.
    • There are a couple of maps that are unreachable because they play a part in the story. You will be allowed to explore these maps after you beat the demo but they won’t have any scripts.
    • I use my own mapping style in which I make my maps look like whatever it’s supposed to be. It’s hard to explain, you’ll see what I mean.
    • This hack uses the default FireRed tileset with some block edits.
    • Trade evolutions will be handled differently in future releases.

    Starters are Machop, Ralts, and Seedot

    Furthermore, their base stats and movepool have been modified to match regular starters. Of course everything is subject to changes throughout releases.

    There will be 7 main characters along with the protagonist.

    Id (Or whatever name you chose) – The protagonist of this hack. Id is on a journey to return to his/her hometown, or at least what s/he believes is his/her hometown. I haven’t completely decided on his/her personality so most of his/her dialogue is just placeholder text.

    Raine (Or whatever name you chose) – Id’s sister, not much else is revealed about her at the moment.

    ??? – A mysterious woman that helped Id escape, seems to appear at random times.

    Aster – A naïve trainer who is just starting out on his journey.

    Lilah – An extremely rude shopkeeper who helps out Id through the sewers.

    Vivi – Chapter 3 Character: Coming soon

    Map of the Demo

    This is a map of the places you can go to in this Demo

    Auria City
    Marine Harbor
    Silvertone City
    Sunrise Town

    Blue – Auria City Port
    Pink – Lighthouse
    Red – Harbor Street Corner
    Orange – Ancient Grove
    Yellow – Silvertone Outskirts
    Indigo – Silvertone Pass
    Violet – Silvertone Caverns

    Towns and locations will be added as they are revealed.


    By: XxAzaliaxX

    HTML Code:

    By: Kip

    HTML Code:

    Advance Map
    Advance Trainer
    A – Text
    Item Editor

    ROM Hacking Newsletter for the amazing tips like the seagallop animation
    Authors of the countless documents I’ve used on Pokecommunity and PHO.

    And of course, leave comments/bugs/feedback
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