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To RedSonicX:
I can’t answer for sure since I haven’t really thought about that.
However, I do feel that sometimes the music doesn’t fit whatever is happening in the game so there is a good chance the music will be changed someday.

To Went:
It’s nice to hear that the Optional Quests, scripts, and starters are working the way I intended them to. Also thanks for telling me the glitches/grammatical errors and they will be fixed. You would be surprised at the amount bugs/glitches/grammatical errors I found when I play-tested the first two times.

To Live Update King:
Thanks for the comment but its way too early to be thinking about another hack especially since it took me almost a year to complete two chapters and there’s still 8 more chapters to go.

To snap12:
I think the reason why people don’t wait until they have a lot finished is because the temptation to show others what they’ve worked really hard on is too great. I admit, I was tempted to release a demo back in July when I completed the last Optional Quest for Chapter 1.
Another reason is that people might need help on their hack early on.

To The Corrupt Plague:
Thanks, I appreciate your support.

By the way, I was wondering if anyone has completed the demo yet or encountered any game-breaking bugs.
Furthermore, what do you guys think of the story/dialogue?
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