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    Originally Posted by espeon2chikorita View Post
    Cool! Johto region!
    i WANT this hack it sounds cool!
    also , how old are the Player Characters?

    Um I sent the thing to be a team member
    my username is "SillyPK"...
    I always wanted to be part of a hack..
    thats not my sisters
    First of all, this isn't a hack.
    The player's are around 10-11.

    Read what I said below about the team applications.

    Originally Posted by Rydenio View Post
    I like those ideas a lot. It's always nice when fangame developers add stuff that's not part of the standard pokemon formula of battling and catching. It's another incentive to go around the map.
    Why thanks! That means a lot!

    Quick news:
    For those of you applying, the team application service, on my website is screwed up.
    To apply for a team member, just PM me!
    But, follow the guidelines!

    Experiences/Proof of work:
    Ways of contact:
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