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Originally Posted by Christian's Inferno View Post

The first one looks classy..
And the second one looks good with Pete...
The color tone on both of them is superb.

Oh and Angela, that would be Neku Sakabura from the DS video game; 'The world ends with you'.
Thanks, and yeah the Pete one is my fave from the set <3

Originally Posted by Angela View Post
Aww I was mentioned.. :D

Anyway really like the new banners.. :D

This one is my favorite.. :D

I just love the text! :D What font is that. :D
Also one question, the guy that is the render, who is that. I see him on many banners. :3

And out of all the new icons this one is my favorite. :D
It's just some circusey font, just look for it on dafont xD
And yeah, as Christians Inferno said, that's Neku Sakuraba.

Originally Posted by THIRTY-SIX View Post
[jq]I may or may not add an image gallery code to it, much like what Joey had in his last gallery, not sure how many people remember that, but yeah that's pretty complex so I dunno.[/jq]
It's actually pretty easy

Also is that David Tennant? Link to stock?
Hush munna xD

And yeah it's David, dunno if you still want the stock or not, cause there really isn't much more to it than is in the icon.

Originally Posted by Drizzle View Post
Did you just searched up stocks of people partying? ^-^' Honestly, icon #5-7 and #10-11 looks like they're having a great time. ;O

I don't like the second one. It's awfully plain, in my opinion.

Hm, I like this one. I don't know why, though.

Oh, and I'm claiming this one for a moment. kthnxbye.
It's just how my icons roll, Borey xD
And yeah if you must, though I hate that one :/

Originally Posted by Jared View Post
Ok, I am in love with the new icons. Did you get all the stocks from tumblr? Cause if you did, I need to follow some more people XD I need you to join the icon journal and post k thnx. Oh, and I might steal the pikachu one sometime. jsyk.
Yeah, that's all from a night camping on Tumblr.
I might join your little community a bit later xD


So basically, I've been trying my tablet more and more, and I have here my last two drawings I have done, of Chris Ingle aka nevershoutnever!, and Oli Sykes, lead singer [screamer] for Bring my the Horizon, no I don't like the band xD

It would mean a lot to me if any of you guys who have a deviantART could comment on the site aswell as on here, since nobody seems to be ;o;
Add me on dA if you want too xD
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