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    Originally Posted by musesum626 View Post
    I really like your take on all the Pokemon, especially Typhlosion! It's really inspired me :) Wish I had a tablet to use for my cheap, non-Photoshop, GIMP. Oh well, there's always good 'ol paper and pencil I guess.
    Thank you! ^^ I'm glad you like them. And GIMP is pretty good from what I've heard.

    Originally Posted by perfectmonster View Post
    Oh wow, these are the best drawings i've EVER seen! Would you be able to make me one of a Cyndaquil that I could use for a siggie?
    Thank you! ^^ But I don't do requests... so unless you're willing to pay me, I can't afford to take the time out of my schedule for requests. (Plus, I've had some very bad experiences with requests/art trades in the past, so... yeah.)


    Anyway, here's a quick picture I drew of some of my friends' Pokésonas over on deviantART.

    Originally this was just going to be my Pokésona, but then I added a couple of my friends and one of my friends' friends, and it turned into this. XD

    So yeah, Jenna (my 'sona, the Growlithe) is in front being glomped by Jess (the Pikachu on my head), and Lauren (the Meowth) is in the back chasing Zakchu (the other Pikachu) because he stole her bra again XDDD

    Don't ask, I just really felt like doodling/drawing this. It's full of inside jokes, so yeah. Blah doodle is blah xD