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Name: Darkrai
Event: Pokemon Event ALAMOS
Level: 50 Untouched
Item: Leftovers
Gender: No Gender
Nature: Timid
Stats: 130/85/95/140/95/143
Moves: Roar Of Time/Special Rend/Nightmare/Hypnosis

Name: Manaphy Egg
Event: Pokemon Ranger

I would like these.

I can offer:

UT Quiet Giratina Origin Forme- in-game SoulSilver event activated by Movie 09 Arceus.
UT Quiet Dialga- " "
Lv.38 Timid NZJirachi Touched
UT lv.1 Jolly Absol-nicknameable
Spring2010 Shiny Pichu

So, are any of those good enough??

-Hope you don't close this thread too
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