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    Originally Posted by Lmayonaise View Post
    Well Debbie, in the past there hasn't been a strong organised management structure, and that has changed. I'm part of the management team over at Acanthite and have delegated tasks to active team members and the turn around of quality work and the pace it's being completed in is outstanding.

    I do understand where you're coming from Debbie, but things are different this time. You actually have no idea how close we are from releasing a demo.
    I think perhaps in this scenario it would be more appropriate to show this progress with screenshots etc., rather than using words. I do not blame him at all for being skeptical; while I do have faith in the Acanthite development team, we have been told dozens of times "it's really close", "it's different this time" and so on.

    If a demo is as close as you say, then surely you could show us some progress beyond artwork and maps.