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Originally Posted by Metroid_die View Post
Ok here's my problem.

The script works fine and everything, however, when I go to the options to change the text speed, my player suddenly takes control of the sprite. It is completely random but I really need an answer to this.

Here's the compiled script: (I took out faceplayer so that he would continue to look out over the water as he said this)

#org 0x8000AF
msgbox 0x88000BC 0x6 '"Ahh the sea...\pIt's so calm and b..."

' Strings
#org 0x8000BC
= Ahh the sea...\pIt's so calm and beautiful.

I'm really new to this, so if anyone could help me I'd be thankful.
Sounds like a 'look down' glitch not a scripting problem, change the sprite's movement to 'no movement' and test again.



Is the sprite hidden? If so you need to show the sprite.