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Teh Blazer
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  • Your bday is on the 5th and mine is on the 4th and I'm also 23... Happy Early Birthday Teh Blazer ?????? I just beat koga in your Gary Rom Hack edition and in aware that's as far as you got because that's what the guard said at tee entrance of safari zone. I wanted to ask is Beta 3 coming coming out this year? And I wanted to give you an idea regarding the mod... I think it would be a good idea to have someone give Gary a Larvitar Egg because he has a Tyranitar in The Elite Four and we should be able to train a Larvitar before he reaches The Elite Four.

    Also can you make the mega stones permanent evolutions? They are a great concept but there's so many glitches whne they evolve in battle and even if there weren't it's not a fun idea to have them evolve for one battle only. Make it like the regular evolution stones...
    hi man sorry but the hack "Gary Oak Edition" is moving forward or has it stopped permanently?
    True on the spoonfeeding part. I honestly don't think it's gonna be a problem as there will be a decent amount of sidequests all through the Hoe-inn region, and many of the presumed jokes may be double entendre in terms of joke and hidden details to characters and the region.
    Do you think my ROM Hack can still be published on here if the main player's mom is a
    Hmmm.... I know exactly how I'm gonna do this then. I already changed one particular Pokemon to be double the stats and altered its moveset. Suggestion noted.
    I'm writing a text file to paste in once I'm done writing what to expect for the beta.
    I will implement a few of what I've told you before. One more thing you should know is, despite it's brutal humor, there is a deep lore to the Universe of BorderMonsters. You'll see what I mean when you play the beta/demo.
    Wild battles are still gonna be in it. It just won't be as dynamic as the trainers. Routes and caves will be mostly changed, but the player will get a lot of their team members from random trainers and "Ball Dealers". More on that later.
    I wouldn't call this a Team Rocket game, but the original idea of this ROM Hack was a lot more simpler but still would have me do a lot of trials and error. I'll write what to expect in a separate message.
    Well I mentioned I got inspiration from Borderlands. Borderlands is a roleplaying first person shooter which features a mechanic which randomly generates guns upon defeating an enemy or opening a loot chest. In that game, the player would be switching out guns a lot as you find better and rarer guns.
    I want to somewhat recreate that in this ROM hack. The player will be collecting different Pokemon throughout the entire journey. Defeating a trainer will grant you one random Pokemon from their team. Trading Pokemon, stealing (yes stealing maybe) Pokemon, and even receiving different Pokemon from sidequests will be in there too.
    I just thought of an idea that could replace the defeat a trainer, get one random Pokemon from their team idea. As for the leveling, there will be two solutions: Either I make stores sell Rare Candies for a good price, or find a way of having received Pokemon's level scale based on your current team.
    I'm just gonna see if I can make a function or event that rewards the player a random Pokemon after a trainer battle using ASM.
    So I should be able to place my ROM Hack here then. That's good to know.
    It'll be a while before I send some of my friends the demo for feedback. Would you like to try it too?
    The demo will definitely have the changes I listed to you so far. The full hack will have much more, but I'm taking small steps at a time.
    Sure. I don't have any screenshots, but this ROM Hack is inspired by some recent games I've been playing, like Borderlands, Binding Of Issac, and some other game I can't exactly recall.
    The ROM Hack is named BorderMonsters for now, but it will have a name change most likely. I'm using Emerald as the base ROM.
    Here are the current changes so far:

    Pokemon do not earn EXP to level up.
    Upon defeating trainers, you randomly obtain one of their random party members.
    Different daily events(you can rest in your bed at home to go to the next day)
    You can also get different Pokemon, items, and TMs from random sidequests.
    Gym Leaders are no longer essential to the plot, but is part of multiple sidequests.

    Those are the changes that will be in the hack. I'm still learning how to ASM Hack. I do have some problems, but other than that, I'm definitely gonna devote time to this. I'm not sure if I can post this ROM Hack on this forum, due to this ROM Hack's heavy influence from my dark humor.
    Hey man; if you could that'd be awesome. I'd be glad to help you out some way if I could, but ya know, great things take time; don't feel rushed! <3
    Pokemon Gary's Mod Beta 2 is Muy Bueno. Please keep up the good work; you've got my interest restored in ROM hacking.
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