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Captain already? Sweet. Let me decide once I post my bankai then. (I'd rather not kill for the position! - Reference to the actual rules in the series for becoming a captain.)

I'm really into Photoshop today for some reason, so I'm going to scan and color my bankai right now. XD

I enjoy the dubs and the subs. I usually go through a period where I watch mostly dubs, and then I'm not used to the Japanese voices. The opposite happens as well! (When I watch subs all the time and then the English voices sound strange to me at first.) I love both versions now anyway though! (Bleach in itself is awesome.)


Here's the moment you've all been waiting for! *drumroll* My bankai, Kokoro no Tsuyokin!


I'm adding the link to the full size version to my original zanpakuto information post right now.

Also, in case you were wondering, I put the measurements and whatnot (referring to my bankai) in metric, since Bleach is a Japanese franchise, created by a Japanese person. And Japanese people (along with the rest of the world, essentially) use the metric system. LOL If you wand the measurements in US measurements, just google a converter. That's how I got these measurements in the first place!

As for a squad... I think I'll choose squad 10. Even though I could just as easily take the position of squad 5 captain, I figure it's best to just be the captain of squad 10. Besides, Shiro-chan is awesome, and by being the squad 10 captain in this group, I can be equally as awesome. XD


I'll be logging off this computer now, but I'm getting on my laptop to work on the userbars. Then it's BLEACH TIME!!! XD XD XD


I'm on my laptop now, and I just finished userbars for squads 8 - 10. I've uploaded those, as well as the ones for squads 6 and 7, which I made before. Enjoy!