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I know it's been awhile but...

Emerald Unevolved MonoType Water Challenge: COMPLETED!! 51:52

Mudkip (Level 61)@Everstone
Met at level 5
Lax - Torrent
~Rock Smash

Chinchou (Level 59)@Magnet
Met at level 30
Jolly - Volt Absorb
~Ice Beam

Wingull (Level 59)@Sea Incense
Met at level 2
Naughty - Keen Eye
~Water Pulse
~Quick Attack
~Aerial Ace

Corphish (Level 58)@Silk Scarf
Met at level 26
Hardy - Shell Armor
~Swords Dance

Barboach (Level 58)@Mystic Water
Met at level 28
Lonely - Oblivious
~Secret Power

Lotad (Level 30)@Miracle Seed
Met at level 4
Adamant - Rain Dish
~Bullet Seed
~Nature Power

At the end of my last update I had 6 Badges and was closing in on my 7th. I eventually reached Mosdeep but decided to explore Shoal Cave and what not before challenging the gym. It was against Tate and Liza that I lost my first ever match. They chose to use 4 Hyper Potions on Xatu and an ill timed Critical hit on my Mudkip did me in. On the rematch though I encountered only one Hyper Potion on Solrock and beat them ease. Go figure. :P
After that I found Sootopolis while trying to find Aqua and their sub. After an hour of searching I realised I was in the wrong route, hence my inability to find it. :P After finding them I breezed through and then flew back to Sootopolis where the war was a raging. Then it was off to Padificlodge. Needless to say I took my time battling all the trainers I could find. After healing up there I headed up to the top of Sky Pillar and unleashed the beast. I took my sweet time after that and decided to go catch another Chinchou since I hated the one I had found. After searching and searching I finally found one with Volt Absorb that was above level 25. Being level 30 was a bonus. Jolly wasn't a great nature but it seemed to have decent IV's and I figured the speed would come in handy. Plus I don't really care about IV's and natures in game, I only use them to help me decide between using two Pokemon of the same species.

Now with my Chinchou and acsess to Dive I decided it was time to do the Cianwood surfing routes and explore the Abandoned Ship, my little journey got my beloved Chinchou up ten levels to level 40. It was then to the Trick House to do the Trick Masters two latest challenges. Between that and all the trainers I had missed between Sootopolis and Pacificlodge as well as the ones on the currents beyond Pacificlodge I had my Chinchou into the high 40's. I decided before challenging Juan I wanted Mudkip to be level 57 and the other 4 to be 55 (one level for everyone but Chinchou). To save myself some time I decided to grind Chinchou to level 50 where I'd use 5 of my 6 Rare Candies to speed up the process. Giving my other one to Corphish. Everything went according to plan except that while exploring the Shoal Cave in high tide I found yet another Rare Candy and used it on Barboach.
With that all done I decided to challenge the Water Gym. In short it was pathetic, Chinchou killed the entire gym barring Kingdra who I just outwaited with Corphish.

Now before utilising my new found ability to scale Waterfalls to get to Evergrande City I decided to go explore the other 3 Waterfalls that I could remember. The three being located in Meteor Falls, West of Fallarbor Town on route 114 and South West of Fortree on Route 119 by the Weather Institute. My explorations left me with a new Secret Base and 2 more Rare Candies. Now it was off to Victory Road!! Victory Road I had fun in and managed to get by pretty well until the last couple battles, especially the last double battle with Slaking and Gardevoir but through it all I prevailed. Mudkip was Level 58 at the time; Chinchou, Wingull and Barboach were 57 and Corphish 56. I decided I wanted Mudkip level 60 (the rest 58) before challenging the Elite 4. I grinded each Pokemon up a level (going back and getting items I missed along the way) and used my two rare candies to get Corphish (thing takes forever to level up) and Mudkip to 58 and 60 respectively. Then I challenged the Elite 4.

Except in my hast I had forgotten to heal, so intentionally putting no effort into my battles I beat Sydney and his Dark types before finally losing to Pheobe. So now all healed up, caring 16 revives, 10 Hyper Potions and 4 Full Restores I challenged for real this time. I beat Sydney and Phoebe with relative easy, only having to use a revive on Barboach as well as an Elixir for all the PP he lost to Dusclops. After that came Glacia where Chinchou pretty much stole the show. Mudkip helped out but Chinchou really came and cleaned everything up. Next up Dragon Mast Drake.

After a challenging but convincing defeat over Glacia, I headed into Shark infested (or Dragon rather) waters (cause I'm monowater. :P) against Drake. I sent out Corphish to deal with Shelgon, he accomplished his task but losing what little speed he had to Rock Tomb certainly didn't help. Altaria did away with him, than came in Chinchou to clean up. Altaria survived Chinchou's Ice Beam in the red but failed to kill with Dragon Claw. And let me say, that's a recurring theme, Chinchou is a beast. After another Ice Beam from my wide eyed Crusader, Altaria was dead. Next came in Flygon who I was scared of being outspeeded by (though that was yet to happen) so I switched to Barboach. After getting him down to just past half Barboach surrendered to Flygon's Earthquake. In came Mudkip and a quick Surf lated and Flygon was dead. Next up was Kingdra where using the help of my true MVP, Mudkip managed to finish off with minimal health remaining. Wanting to save a revive I let a relatively health Chinchou come in against Mence. Salamence came large and ferocious, outspeeding Chinchou for the first time and using Dragon Claw. Chinchou would survive though and do a good 75% to Mencey and, with fingers crossed, froze him as well!! Hallelujah!! The battle was over. Next up Wallace.

Saving the details, my first attempt I got Toxic, Recover Stalled to death by his Milotic. Round 2 (I saved and shut it off. :P)

So at this point I had 4 Hyper Potions, 9 Revives and 4 Full Restores left. Let the battle begin. I was greeted by his giant Whale which I quickly countered with Ol' Reliable. Chinchou, quickly Chinchou landed a thunder bolt that might as well as been a harpoon, A critical hit! And Moby was down. Then came out Gyrados, scoffing I commanded Chinchou to thunder bolt and before he could roar, the mighty water flying dragon thing was earthed. I switched to Wingull as Ludicolo came out and the battle raged. Litterally, I had to revive Wingull 3 times and use 3 Hyper Potions before that stupid thing was dead. Grass types are lame. Now out came Tentacruel, I sent out Barboach after Wingull went down but before he could land an Earthquake, Hydro Pump had finished it off. I sent out Mudkip to Dig his way to victory, combined with my true MVP of course. The going was tough and I had to sacrifice my sacrifice in Lotad to heal him up but eventually the job was done. Now, came Milotic.

Taking down Milotic was a sight that truly could have brought tears to my eyes. Mudkip fought hard and never gave up, surviving Toxic, while making use of my true MVP. I cheered as with a final Strength Mudkip brought the beast down. My excitement was quickly killed when I realised Whiscash was coming out. Generation after generation this thing causes me troubles for some reason, but this time I would get the better of him. I switched to Chinchou to get a Surf in to cause some damage before he was taken by a super effective EQ. Then it was back to Mudkip to rework his magic. My True MVP landed two good hits before Mudkip was fallen to a critical hit. It was up to Corphish. Unlike Chinchou and Mudkip, Corphish had been sitting back all battle and was rested, all ready for his big moment. It was overtime of game 7, Stanley Cup finals. Pressure was on. Whishcash went first and used Earthquake, in this moment I thanked myself for opting for a Battle Armoured Corphish so a critical hit wouldn't ruin my dreams. I watched as Corphish survived with 68/130HP. It was time, for Return. Whiscash had slightly more than half HP but quickly dropped to yellow, than red and than dead. It was over!! I had won!! Cheers filled my bedroom and I thanked Corphish for being so clutch. I finished the battle with 0 Hyper Potions, 1 Revive and 2 Full Restores. My next move? Report to the R/S/E Monotype thread. =D

Runner Up for Team MVP

Chinchou was amazing for me, but being my last obtained Pokemon, it was hard for this to really considered my MVP. It still deserves huge metion though for being huge late game. Chinchou is the reason why I beat Juan so easily, Glacia like I did and probably Drake at all. Not to mention his invaluable contributions against Wallace and how she could take down those stupid annyoing Golbats in Victory Road. Couple all this with the fact that Chinchou had almost unmatchable bulk. Chinchou was an absolute force since the moment I got her and I owe alot of my completion to her.

Team MVP

Wingull was amazing. I don't think I would have had a hope at completing this thing without the help from by good buddy Wingull. From the start he was easy to train and throughout the entire challenge he was my only way of beating grass types and he always rose to those occasions. His Aerial Ace was my only way of dealing with pesky evasion raisers and Water Pulse gave me some timely confusions. Namely against Flygon (I know I forgot to mention that). And it that wasn't enough, he outsped everything, not even the lightning quick Swellow could keep up with this guy. Near the end he faltered a little bit when introduced to stronger Pokemon with stronger attacks but little of that matters. If it wasn't for Wingull, Chinchou never would have had the chance to take over. All this without even mentioning the fact he carried me on his back when I used fly and how he was the perfect doubles partner to Barboach. My own Earthquakes only ever hurt the opposition because of it. Wingull was my MVP and thank goodness, who knows where I would have been without my speedy grass killer.

But neither of those two Pokemon were my true MVP. No that honour belongs not to a Pokemon but a move:

No not Charizard, ROCK SMASH!! Yes I don't care what anyone says about it or the fact it only had 20 base power in Emerald but HM06 Rock Smash was my true MVP. I would have never beaten Wallace without it's defense lowers. When I was low on PP, Rock Smash bailed me out. When I had to avoid potions against gym leaders, Rock Smash was there. If Slacking was running amuk on me (Victory Road especially) Rock Smash bailed me out. Sure it never hit too hard but I always had it, and the 50% defense lower was godlike. It helped me beat Sydney, Glacia and Drake. It was the single most important factor in taking down Milotic and setting up Corphish for the win. Every once in awhile it's super effective hit would be enough as well. Rock Smash is win. Simple as that.

When I saw this thread I decided I'd make it an unevolved challenge as well because I thought that if anything was going to ever challenge me, this would. Boy was I right, it was truly a battle for the first time since my original days playing Gold (I wasn't the brightest...) and that last battle will go down in history as one of the most epic Pokemon related experiences I've ever been through. I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty proud of myself and I might deserve some extra credit (hint hint) for this acheivement. :P Nah I'm kidding :P But all in all it was awesome and superbly challenging. HAIL ROCK SMASH!!
Current Monotype Unevolved Emerald Challenge; COMPLETED 51:52
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