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Fossil Fuels

The waves crashed down on the wet beach sand, staining it brown and uplifting rocks, shells, seaweed, and the occasional Krabby before dragging them back towards the bright blue sea. Then the next wave would come and hammer the beach wash-ups against the sand again.

He could watch the light aqua waves all day and for all intents and purposes, he intended to.

A man in his early forties, wearing only a dark blue bathing suit and sunglasses, lay in a beach chair, which sat about a dozen meters from the crashing surf. From the low-standing table left of his chair, he picked up a blue cocktail that donned a lime wedge on the rim and took a sip from it. A warm ocean breeze flowed through his short, dark brown hair and around his recently clean-shaven, business-appropriate face. The bright sun shone down on his relaxed, muscular body.

The man looked from his martini glass over to a Swampert that lay in the sand next to his chair with his large hands behind his head. “I could get used to all of these business trips, couldn’t you?” he asked in a slightly grizzled voice.

The Swampert grinned and responded with a nod. They continued sitting in silence, listening to the waves until footsteps could be heard in the sand behind them. A skinny man in a tuxedo walked over and stood beside the man, extending his arm and handing him a folded piece of paper.

“Excuse me, sir. This came for you. It seems there was a development,” he said.

The man’s blue eyes, hidden behind the shades, scanned the paper and the corners of his mouth formed a grin. “Heh… He got it.”

“Mm, quite,” the tuxedoed man answered. “Oh yes, you have a meeting with the network distributor at seven thirty tonight and one via conference video call with your administrators an hour later. Is that alright, Mister K-”

“Please, pal,” the man interrupted, looking up from his drink and giving an affirmative thumbs up with an accompanying smirk. “None of that formal crap while I’m supposed to be on vacation. Just call me Archie…”


Kevin lay back in the sandy grass with his hands behind his head, relaxing as if he didn’t have a care in the world. Since he wasn’t all that worried about Jeff, that may well have been true. Rachel sat nearby, with some worry on her face, however she was much more calm than Blane. The dark haired teen paced back and forth with his Piplup in his arms. He barely took his eyes off of the pass. Treecko merely sat in the grass nonchalantly and looked up at the sky.

“Do you think the storm will ease up enough for us to follow them soon?” Blane asked while looking beyond the pass into the stormy desert.

“Nah,” said Kevin with a shrug. A sly grin formed on his face. “And as awesome as I am, even I can’t control the weather, so take a load off and stop trying to be so proactive.”

Blane grumbled and reluctantly sat down beside his Piplup. “I hate sitting around.”

“Really? I never would’ve guessed,” Kevin scoffed. “If you’re really that hung up about it, you can look for a Skitty stuck up a tree.”

“I wonder how they’re doing right now? They’ve been gone awhile,” mused Rachel.

Kevin laughed and shrugged. “I bet Jeff probably did something idiotic and got himself in trouble.”


Jeff let out a sharp gasp as a purple fist that held him by the collar of his shirt slammed him into the dusty stone wall, pinning him there with a muscular forearm. Daggerback glared, well, daggers into the human’s grimacing eyes. To Jeff’s left was a hole in the interior wall that Daggerback had previously bashed through to cut him off from reaching the stairs from which he came. It wasn’t as if he had anywhere to run to, though, with the sandstorm still outside.

“ Daggerback demanded, pressing Jeff further against the shadow-laden wall.

“Where’s what?!” Jeff shot back in a desperate tone.

“” the Nidoking roared, glaring straight into Jeff’s eyes.

“I’ll stop playing dumb when you stop acting like I know what you’re talking about!” he countered, keeping one hand on Daggerback’s in an attempt to get free from his hold, and using the other to stealthily reach towards his backpack’s side pocket while Daggerback was looking into his eyes.


“Well, maybe you misplaced it- Go!” Jeff suddenly shouted, ripping Treecko’s pokeball from the pocket and throwing it at Daggerback’s face. The ball hit the poison pokemon in the cheek before bouncing off, ricocheting to the ground, and opening.

As Daggerback glanced down at it, Jeff closed his eyes to brace himself for the bright light that always came with the opening of a pokeball. He gave it a few moments before opening his eyes and looking around triumphantly at the spot where he threw it.

...The pokeball was found to be completely empty. Jeff then looked to Daggerback, who stood beside it while still pinning Jeff to the wall, tapping his food impatiently and donning a level, not amused stare. Jeff chuckled sheepishly upon realizing that Treecko was back with the others.

“I-I thought... Heh heh... Ugh...” He shrunk back towards the wall, pressing against his backpack. Jeff could feel the remaining pokeballs shift in the pocket so they pressed against his elbow. He knew that the only way he could get out of this was with help from his pokemon, but after his last failed attempt his time was running out.

Daggerback rolled his eyes before literally ripping the bag from his back. Jeff started and frantically grabbed for his backpack, managing to momentarily grab the side pocket. During the key two seconds that he was able to keep hold of the bag before Daggerback’s strength won out, he was able to feel out a familiar, round item in the pocket. The Nidoking yanked the backpack and Jeff quickly pulled back his hand and tried to indiscriminately place the item in his back pocket while Daggerback was busy with the bag.

“” Daggerback begun, while holding the bag up in the air away from Jeff’s reach and shaking it in a taunting manner.

“...I don’t know anything about a fossil,” Jeff responded, shifting uncomfortably as he continued to be propped up against the wall by Daggerback.

“” the Nidoking questioned, raising an eyebrow.

Jeff’s stomach clenched upon realizing that the purple pokemon had noticed his clumsy, last-ditch effort to help himself. “Err... Nothing.”

“” Daggerback asked in a sly tone, tilting his head downwards so that his horn neared Jeff’s face.

The teen’s eyes widened. “...Maybe something...”

“” he ordered.

“You... GOT IT!” Jeff shouted, swinging around his arm and throwing a pokeball at Daggerback once more. However, this time Daggerback expected it and he swatted the object downwards so that it hit the stone floor between Jeff and himself. This time, a bright light erupted from the sphere and a familiar Corphish emerged. The water pokemon noticed Jeff and immediately after noticed a large violet figure opposite the human. His gaze slowly shifted to the massive pokemon and eventually turned upwards to lock eyes with Daggerback.

He before he could even open his mouth, Daggerback grabbed Corphish by the neck with his other hand and shoved him against the wall beside his trainer. The orange shellfish winced and glanced over to Jeff beside him. “” he said sheepishly.

Jeff groaned while Daggerback glared at the two of them. “” the Nidoking said with a sneer.


“” he growled, pushing Corphish against the wall with increased force.


“” Daggerback said while turning his head to show more clearly the eye patch on his face.

“” Corphish rambled.

Daggerback sneered and slammed his tail onto the floor with a crash. “”


Jeff gave Daggerback a level stare. “Won’t you just kill us once we tell you?”

The Nidoking raised an eyebrow. “”

” Corphish murmured with an accompanying roll of his eyes. “”

Daggerback chuckled and allowed the two to drop to the ground. He walked over to the large hole in the wall that he created and moved a large slab of stone over it to cover it up. He then walked over to the doorway and sat down beside it, leaning back against the wall. The poison pokemon grinned and looked over, through the darkness, at his two captives, who were catching their breath.


“A mercenary?” Jeff asked in shock. “A pokemon mercenary?”


“Aren’t some people put off by you coming into their store and buying stuff?”

Daggerback scoffed and placed his hands behind his head in a relaxed fashion. “

“” Corphish mused.

“That means somebody wants those fossils? That’s why you’re after us?” Jeff asked.


“Hey, you were the guy who attacked him first!” Jeff countered.

“” added Corphish, raising his claw.

“And Corphish!”


Daggerback let out a dismissive grunt. “”

“” Corphish remarked.

“” Daggerback said in a scathing voice.


Before Corphish could make him any angrier, Jeff quickly stood up and interrupted. “So who hired you?”

Daggerback grinned and waggled one of his claws. “” he barked, getting to his feet. “”

Jeff and Corphish exchanged glances. “We don’t have it...”

They soon found several long, sharp purple pins enter the ground just in front of their feet, causing them both to jump back against the wall. Daggerback continued to smirk as he stared at them. An uneasy Jeff and Corphish exchanged nervous glances as they tried to regain their composure. “”


Prometheus trudged through the dark desert slowly. This was because Atlas was slumped over his back, gripping slightly so that he wouldn’t fall off. The able Onix followed the cliff face in the general direction that he came, since the cliff inevitably led back to the pass from which he entered. The sun was close to meeting the horizon in the west, causing the cliff to cast a shadow that darkened the desert more than the sandstorm already had.

“” Prometheus asked his friend.

“” Atlas answered.

“<Physically, you’re barely able to stand up,>” Prometheus countered. “”

Atlas’ grey eyes gazed at the ground, watching the shifting sands on the darkened ground blow with the storm. “

“” Prometheus replied awkwardly. The Onix was never that good in situations like this. “”

A faint grin appeared on Atlas’ face. “”


Atlas let out a light chuckle, which prompted a small grin on Prometheus’ face. “” Atlas asked him.

” Prometheus answered. “”

The weakened Onix nodded. “”

“” Prometheus begun with some insecurity in his voice.

“” Atlas reassured him. Prometheus opened his mouth to object to the claim, but Atlas cut him off. “”

Atlas’ friend rolled his eyes and continued onward along the base of the cliff. “<...From now on, I’ll support you no matter what, okay? ...That is, unless you do something idiotic without thinking it through, then I’ll be forced to stop you,>” Prometheus said, grinning.

It was then when they felt the direction of the wind changing. The sand no longer pelted their backs, it hit the side of their bodies that was closest to the cliff on their right. The two Onix also noticed that, through the sand ahead of them, they could see light. Prometheus beamed victoriously. “”

Prometheus burst through the cloud of sand and found both he and his friend in the sandy but gentle pass that met with the grass. Blane bolted upwards upon seeing them. “They’re back!” he yelled.

Kevin and Rachel turned to see them coming slowly towards them. Prometheus lay down on the ground and allowed Atlas to crawl off and rest on the ground. Kevin ran forwards. “Yo, where’s Jeff?” he asked, looking around eagerly. “...Did you eat him?”

Prometheus straightened up and turned back towards the desert. “”

Kevin’s eyes widened. “You left him in the middle of that?! He’ll be torn apart!”

” Prometheus snapped. “

“He must be in Mirage Tower,” Rachel deduced.

“Yeah, I knew that,” Kevin said dismissively. “Well, what are you waiting for, Pro? The sooner we get Jeff, the sooner we can leave.”

Prometheus gave a deep snarl before turning and slithering quickly into the desert.


Daggerback dug through Jeff’s bag while they stood on and watched helplessly. Corphish was well aware that, even with him being a water-type and Daggerback being a ground-type, he was no match for him. Corphish noticed the Nidoking had a bag of his own resting on the other side of the room.

“” Daggerback said as he began throwing the items he found to the ground. “” he asked with a raised eyebrow.

Jeff grimaced and blushed slightly. “Damn it, Kevin... That’s the last time I ever take you to a hotel.

” Daggerback continued.

Corphish looked at Jeff and whispered. “

“I’m working on it...” Jeff murmured.

“...I think your imagination is getting away from you, Corp,” Jeff said, giving him a level stare.

“” Corphish asked.

Jeff was about to reply, but he was distracted when the Nidoking in question took something out of the teen’s bag. In Daggerback’s purple hand was a balled-up shower curtain. Jeff froze. He remembered that it was the shower curtain he used to put the fossil in to protect it.

“” Daggerback mused and began to unwrap it. “”

He looked desperately to Corphish, who returned a worried look. Jeff suddenly closed his eyes and balled up his fists. “Corphish! Bubblebeam! Go to his right!” he shouted.

“” the water pokemon yelled, unleashing a rapid volley of exploding bubbles while moving as quickly as he could to the left, opposite to the doorway out. The watery orbs burst on impact with Daggerback, eliciting growls of frustration as he dropped the bag and the shower curtain in shock. The Nidoking walked forward and opened up his maw from which he released a shower of poison pins. Corphish increased his pace, causing the pins to explode behind him. He continued running and firing bubbles out of his right claw as the needles shattered in his wake.

As this happened, Jeff ran towards the rear of Daggerback, where his bag and items were. He hastily grabbed his bag and the shower curtain, which he quickly shoved into the backpack. Unbeknownst to Daggerback, Jeff threw the bag through the doorway and into the hallway where the stairs were. The teen picked up a rock and ran over to the left, where he and Corphish had been pinned to the wall, just as the Nidoking turned his head to follow the water pokemon. Jeff picked up Corphish’s pokeball so that he would be able to use it to recall Corphish, if it came to that.

He saw Corphish beginning to run along the wall opposite to him, which brought him closer to Daggerback; he had fallen into Daggerback's plan and had no choice or else he’d be hit by the poison pins that followed him. Jeff clutched the rock in his hand and hurled it at the back of Daggerback’s head. The Nidoking let out a snarl. The rock didn’t really hurt him, but it got his attention. Daggerback spun around to face Jeff.

At the same time, Corphish approached the door and gave Jeff a nod. The poison pokemon began to charge Jeff, hoping to use the human as a means to get the shellfish pokemon to behave. Jeff recoiled in response to the charging Nidoking. Corphish knew he had to act quickly. He levelled his pincers with Daggerbacks legs and let loose a tremendous volley of bubbles.

The translucent orbs burst on contact with Daggerback’s legs, who let out a surprised yelp as his legs buckled and he fell, unbraced, onto the floor. Jeff took this opportunity to sprint for the door which Corphish was already at. Daggerback angrily swung his tail around, which managed to catch Jeff’s leg and send him careening to the ground as well. The teen winced and attempted to crawl forward, but he found that he couldn’t go any further.

Jeff tugged at his leg but it wouldn’t budge. He looked down frantically and saw that Daggerback’s tail was coiled around his ankle. “” the Nidoking snarled.

“Corphish!” Jeff cried out.

“” Corphish sputtered, running to aid his friend. The water pokemon clamped his right pincer down on Daggerback’s tail and squeezed, but the Nidoking’s hold continued.

“Try Crabhammer!” advised Jeff in a panic.

Corphish complied and began pounding his water-soaked claw down on Daggerback’s tail. The behemoth of a pokemon grimaced with pain, but tried to remain holding onto Jeff as he got to his feet. “” Corphish muttered.

“Give it all you’ve got in one blow, Corp!”

Corphish nodded, raised his claw over his head and jumped to the best of his ability into the air. He brought down his pincers onto Daggerback’s tail in a powerful strike. The Nidoking growled in pain and his tail tensed up upon being struck before slackening and allowing Jeff to remove his foot.

“Let’s go!” Jeff shouted, picking up Corphish and scrambling to his feet. He bolted towards the door. Upon getting through the stone doorway, he bent down to pick up his bag where Corphish grabbed one of the straps. The duo then heard pounding footsteps reach the door behind them. Jeff turned and saw Daggerback at the doorway. The Nidoking let out a savage roar the struck fear into both of their hearts.

“” Corphish shouted.

Jeff agreed instantaneously. He sprinted at full speed down the end of the hall towards the parallel eroded stairway that he came up. The teen grimaced as he heard Daggerback’s thunderous stampede quickly gaining on them. Jeff dug deep and increased his speed, nearing the end of the hallway. He was forced to slow down near the end and he shot to the side and turned to pedal down the rocky stairs.

Daggerback growled from behind them and attempted to swipe at them, but missed. He too rounded the corner and began chasing them down the stairs, causing the weak rocks the staircase was made of to chip off under his feet. Jeff’s face lit up upon seeing the light of the outside pouring in from the front door.

“” Corphish shouted.

Jeff bolted for the doorway... but stopped when a blast of sand pushed him and Corphish back inside. They winced and staggered back. Jeff looked outside to see that the sandstorm was still raging outside. A deep, victorious chuckle sounded out from behind them.

“” asked Daggerback, coming to a smug walk towards them and folding his arms.

Jeff spun around and Corphish leapt out of his arms and readied himself for a fight.

Daggerback smirked. “”

The Nidoking’s voice cut out and his eyes widened upon seeing something behind the trapped two. The massive head of an Onix burst through the swirling wall of sand, past the doorway and into the tower. Without so much as a word, it scooped Jeff and Corphish into its mouth and disappeared just as quickly back into the sandstorm.

Daggerback stood there in pure and utter shock as he watched his two prisoners seemingly get eaten by an Onix completely out of the blue. His eye twitched and his extended, pointing arm trembled slightly.

“” he managed through his shock.

Of course, it wasn’t long until he remembered that Jeff had an Onix, to which a mighty roar of frustration followed...


Atlas lay down on the grass, continuing to pound his tail slowly on the ground. Kevin put his headphones on and began listening to his CD player in an attempt to drown out the repetitive thumping. Blane was as restless as ever so he attempted to distract himself by chatting with Rachel about her pokemon.

“This pounding is giving me a headache!” Kevin growled, ripping off his headphones as the vibrations started to cause his CD to skip. “They’d better hurry up; I don’t have one of those fancy anti-shock walkmans!”

“” boomed a voice. The group turned to see Prometheus’ form slithering down the path towards them. Atlas stopped moving his tail and craned his head towards his friend.

“It’s about time!” Kevin shouted.

Prometheus pitched his head forward, allowing Jeff and Corphish to fall from his maw to the ground. “” Corphish said as he shuddered.

As Jeff got to his feet, Corphish’ words reminded him. “Daggerback attacked us in Mirage Tower.”

Exclamations of shock rang out from the group. Until that point, Treecko hadn’t been paying attention. He walked over and stared at Jeff. “”

“I’m not sure why he was there, but one thing’s for sure: he’s after the fossil we have.”

“Why would he be after that?” Rachel asked.

“Does that mean he followed you guys to the tower?” added Blane.

Jeff folded his arms and thought. “He said he was like a mercenary... He had a client who wanted it.” He glanced over to Blane. “...And no. He was there before me and seemed as surprised as I was when we crossed paths.”

“That’s weird... Why would he be in an old tower in the middle of the desert?” Kevin questioned.

Silence over took the group for a few moments until Jeff suddenly said, “I’ve got it!” All eyes looked to him. “I remember watching a TV special about it...”

“” Corphish asked affectionately.

“...Anyways, they were saying that a bunch of palaeontologists and archaeologists were digging up stuff there, until it was proclaimed a historical site and unsafe for excavation, which explains the abandoned excavation sites I saw.”

” Prometheus barked.

Jeff chuckled sheepishly. “I must have misheard?”

“Get to the point already, Jeff,” Kevin said.

“I would if people would stop interrupting me,” he replied, glaring. “So, palaeontologists dig up fossils, right? And what’s Daggerback trying to get from us?”

“Fossils...” Kevin said.

“So, it’s safe to assume he was there looking for fossils when you showed up,” deduced Rachel.

Jeff nodded and took the shower curtain-protected fossil out of his to check on it. “Yeah... As he was about to take the fossil, I remember him saying ‘Now I have all seven’ or something. That means he must have found the fossils he was looking for in Mirage Tower.”

“” Corphish said matter-of-factly, striding in a smug, detective-like fashion to the center of the group. “” With that, Corphish opened his left pincer and allowed a grapefruit-sized rock to fall to the grass.

Jeff stare blankly at the water pokemon. “...Corphish... is that a fossil?” Corphish nodded while grinning widely. “Did I ever tell you I loved you?”


Kevin cleared his throat and stepped forward. “They’re just fossils. What’s the big deal? I mean, if he’ll stop chasing you guys when he has all the fossils, why not give them to him?”

“First, Kevin, it’s because at least two of these fossils are stolen from Rustboro. Second, who would hire a mercenary to go find fossils instead of a professional science team? And who has the resources to pay that mercenary not with money, but with a heaping load of various items of whatever he asks for? Whoever it is obviously has a lot of money and they probably resorted to more dubious tactics of getting what they want when the museum refused to sell the two fossils they had to them. Of course, this is all speculation.”

“Alright, so what do we do with the fossils?” asked Blane.

Jeff shrugged. “...I’m not sure, but I think we should keep these two for now. Whoever Daggerback’s client is... I dunno, I just think it’s for more than just collecting purposes. I don’t like it.”

“That’s all fine and great,” said Kevin, “but let’s not forget why we’re out here in the first place! To beat the pants off gym leaders!” To that, Treecko nodded in agreement. “So let’s go to Lavaridge Town!”

Jeff sighed. “Yeah, okay...” He glanced over to Atlas, who was looking at him. Upon making eye contact with Jeff, Atlas quickly looked away. “...Let’s go then.”

Prometheus looked down at Kevin. “”

“Fine by me,” answered Kevin, whose attention was caught by the shower curtain in Jeff’s hand. “Yo, Jeff... Do you still have all the stuff from the hotel in your bag after Daggerback attacked?”

Jeff glanced at him and shrugged. “Daggerback sorta dumped it all out.”

Kevin let out a cry. “NOOOOOOOO! ...Do you still have the lemon in there?”


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