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    Originally Posted by Tyler View Post
    It may be one line but there are ideas in there. And if it doesn't get anywhere, then oh well. Nothing you can do about it. He's posting here to see what people think and get some help for other ideas. If you don't like the idea or how he made his post then don't waste to reply to the thread.
    The bold text: That's exactly what NikNaks is doing, telling him what he thinks. Good morning to constructive criticism.
    This storyline (haha) of his is not at all original.
    So many times have evil teams been reformed, so many times do people revamp the regions... And more than that, the gym leaders change, the terrain changes... The places are modernized...
    This is more like a remake of R/S/E...

    Right now it seems like, "it was my idea and I want everybody else to work on this..." People aren't going to contribute unless you yourself have done something...

    I still maintain though, not getting time or not been able to work is not an excuse for a bad story line, after all that's the main idea that you're posting.

    As far as the rules are concerned, even they say that the storyline must be one paragraph at least...