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    Pokemon New Dawn

    Welcome This Is Made In RMXP NOT A HACK.


    Enter the Region of Fingoe where you will meet friends, challenges, and possibly enemies. In the times of old a vicious war between two god-like pokemon split the region of Fingoe into an archaepelago each small landmass with extreme and varying climates. You play as a young boy/girl who lives in Invoid Town. Your parents want you to follow in your father's footsteps, and become a blacksmith as your grandfather was. Your desire; however is to become a trainer and explore the region with Pokemon Friends. You run off to the next town where a Pokemon Professor Lives and pick your starter Pokemon. All is well until you run into a cave where you see an image of you and Frostel, one of the Pokemon that was the cause of Fingoe’s separation. Along your journeys you noticed that the Geo Corp has been unusually active, in the caves beneath Fingoe national museum saying they have found a way to have an alternative easy innovative future.
    However, a group of thug have been seeing to it that Geo Corp cannot continue with there plans. Who are they and what are they protecting?

    The Region Of Fingoe





    The Male And Female Heros’s

    The Rival

    More soon.


    Storyline: 30%
    Maps: 5%
    Fakemon: 5%
    Trainers: 1%
    Over worlds: 1%


    Pichuichu - Storyline Writer, Items, Mapping
    Elarmasecreta – Mapping, Storyline
    Habit12 – Fakemon and OW Spriter.
    Carmaniac - Scripter
    Llennomn8 - Fakemon
    Valora17 – Fakemon
    Thyphlozard - Spriting
    Acedragonite - Storyline
    ConCept - Spriting
    Lala19357 - music
    tnguye3 - spriting - fakemon

    Thanks to Aquadan and Aquatic Sirens for the Thread Design.
    And NikNaks For The World Map.


    Trainer Artists
    Spriters (Back Sprites)
    Scripters (Maybe)
    OverWorld Artists

    Credit: Invasion For Sig And Avatar.

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