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  • -> Says I'd remove it
    -> Forgets to remove it until one week later

    omg I am terrible LOL, but consider it done now! ;)
    HEYYYYY ARMA!! It's really nice of you to drop by! I hope you're doing well! :D :D :D

    asdasfhkjshkjdshfjk aaaaaaaaaaa you're making me blush, OMG ahahaha!! xP I'm very flattered you think so! ^_^ She makes every day feel like a miraculous dream, hehe!

    I've been doing great these days! My life has mostly been a cycle of work -> school -> PC -> exercise -> music -> sleep with a few other things occasionally thrown into the mix, but I'm perfectly happy with it. :D Hmm, and I have been playing around with FL Studio a bit more, if that counts for anything!

    Ooooh, developing fangames is always a fascinating prospect to think about! Great to see that you're invested in it. :D Speaking of which, have you ever played Pokémon Raptor? That game felt soooo fulfilling to complete back in the day!

    Ahhhhh, you've got a point! That particular bit has been on my profile for years, and I completely forgot all about it. xP But rest assured, I definitely will remove it! ^^

    D'awww, you're awesome too, Arma!! <3 Of course we can keep in touch! Both here and Discord are fine! My activity on Discord can be a little sporadic at times, but I've been using it more these days than I used to! (Also, I've recently changed my name on there to Playmaker, in case you were wondering where Meadow went. xD)
    ARMA BUDDY!! I hope you have an amazing birthday (and Valentine's Day as well)! :D

    Stay awesome! ^_^
    Because you know you'll always be worse than me at Super Pokémon Hangman!! OOH BURNED >:)

    Ah, I understand! But still, it's awesome to see you again after all this time! I've been doing well—and I hope the same can be said for you, too! :D
    *spits out coffee* BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Behold the power of my super-broken ninja skills! :D

    Oh yeah, and thanks by the way!! Wow be like that >:(
    Well, part of my problem was I didn't have a very functional laptop but thanks to luck I won the free laptop from the manager party so Imight be around a little more. If anything I'll definitely be able to draw more often in 2018 so I'm going to try my best to do so and maybe actually get better hahah.
    hahah that would do it! i just don't go on the computer in general anymore these days. I just browse things on tumblr/twitter on my phone and that's about it. Though i want to also get back into drawing it's .... easier said than done when you can't think of any thing good to draw.
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