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First things first, the plot:
Originally Posted by Pichuichu View Post
Made In Rpg Maker XP
Plot/Story: You The Main Character Decided That They Don't Want To Be A Ranger (Which Most Of The People In Southern Fingoe Are.)
nothing wrong with this, I assume the main character wants to be a trainer instead?

Originally Posted by Pichuichu View Post
Made In Rpg Maker XP
Lucky For You Because They HomeMade Pokeball You Made Know Has A Pokemon A Shaymin!
Whoa whoa WHOA... wait a sec. first of, the grammar is way off in this sentence. I can understand that ( I'm not very good at English either), but, how on earth did a shaymin just magically appear in your homemade pokeball?? There isn't a single thing related to the story on how and, more importantly WHY a SHAYMIN would be your starter pokemon. Shaymin is a legendary pokemon, having it as your starter would severely mess up the gameplay.

the rest of your "story" is pretty bland either, I don't want to be rude, but you'll have to change nearly everything other then the first sentence.
you got options here:
1) just drop the shaymin idea already

2) Explain why you'd start with a shaymin, and what part it'll take in your story. And you better have a good and original reason for this, because most people don't like to have a legendary as a starter. It's LEGENDARY, which means it's powerful, why would it just get into your pokeball and obey all your orders.

The mapshots you've posted aren't the same size, one has been scaled down, though this isn't that important, it doesn't look professional.
the mapping itself is also pretty bland. grass doesn't grow in perfect squares, you should try to randomize the objects in your map to fill up the huge empty spots and make it look more natural.

Your region map should be placed on the same grid as your normal maps, meaning cities, towns and routes have to be placed on a grid. look at a map making tutorial in the tutorial section and it'll explain to you how to make a proper world map.

From the looks of it, it appears to that you've only spent like 30 minutes on the game so far. I doubt many people will take you serious. You got a lot of work to do, you better be ready for other harsh comments. I didn't want to insult you with this. I hope you take the advise given in this post and make good use of it.

Good luck.