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    Originally Posted by PokemonOI View Post
    Nice bar dude, about the fakemon though this one is fine nothing wrong I just like the old pose better it looked wilder lol like it was WILD lol idk just throwing that out there. I dont expect you to change it though.

    Keep up the good work bro! I think I'll add your bar to my sig! the first ever other game I've supported lol exchange bars with me? that is if you like my game aswell....
    I understand what you mean, but I prefer the new sprite ;). I added your bar too, I like your game too ^^. Basically only we left from when we started our games here =x.

    Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
    Wow that Team Atom sounds quite dastardly. And I can't believe that Atom Atomson is actually your mo-


    Zeph is so mean to our supporters =(.

    Well, I've decided to reveal the new sprite for the final stage of Baashaun's line, Baariette. That is for Acedragonite haha:

    Just so you can all remember, the line is entirely Dark/Fighting.
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