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    Originally Posted by Charizard★ View Post
    Even though I'm not the owner, you're missing something. :3
    Originally Posted by I like Pokemon (...) View Post
    Welcome to the Bleach Club, Blue. Regardless, I'll stick with the formalities... I am the Captain of 12th Squad, I like Pokemon (...). Though you may also call me ILP/Ilpy/Aaroniero/Anternero/Ant (as you just did)/any other nickname.

    I'll find it for you, if you want.

    Second line.
    perhaps she's reffering to my zanpaktou, which i guess i'll post now. And cmon Ant, don't be so formal, i already know you :p.

    Here's my zanpaktou, fear the darkness my friends~ Kiero somuke arawero..Kagebu.
    Zanpaktou Name; Shadow's Veil, Kagebu

    Type; Enhancd Combat/Kido

    Zanpaktou Spirit; A pale teenager, blue hair
    red eyes, about 5'11, very slim, classic outfit:
    Blue jeans and a blue shirt.
    Big disregard for danger, and will do anything if he's bored

    Release Command; Dissapear and Reappear, kiero somuke arawarero

    Shikai Details; The blade turns pitchblack, my shikai allows me to manipulate and move shadows around (this includes darkness, ie, i don't need a light source to make a 'lack' of light) and jump through them. so let's give an example here, let's see theres 2 small shadows in a room, i could expand both of them, step through one, and appear through the other. using flash step, etc, i can get through faster, but that's just common sense..

    Bankai Name; Dark Jumper, Kokuchouyaku Senshu

    Bankai Details;blade grows in size a teeny bit.. and this time, i can bring other people through shadows, but i can't keep them suspeneded in shadow, let's say someone's charging at me, i can make them "jump" behind me, using shadow's. so if i dive into a shadow or darkness or something, and they charge after me, they would find themselves in a different shadow charging out of it. I can also turn myself into a shadow, or create solid objects out of shadow. I.E.: I could turn into a shadow and turn myself into a shadow tiger and attack, or solidify a tiger out of shadows and make it attack. Now shadow attack objects are very sensitive, and when hit, will dissapear, but they strike hard. It doesn't take alot of reiatsu to make them, but it doesn't take very little to make them either. I can also change parts of my body into shadow, and not completely. I can also concentrate mass amounts of soldified shadow reiatsu onto my blade, which makes me about 10 times as strong. but i cannot solidfie shadows or make myself a shadow when i am doing this.

    Edit: just saw charizard*Star*'s post, lol. Thanks for welcoming me. . *begins to steal ant's inventions from squad 12*
    no. you are dead.