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Originally Posted by Karel_Kazuki View Post
Meh I don't like the Region map it doesnt allow the player to travel to other cities first :/
I am not quite sure what you even mean by that?

Originally Posted by Karel_Kazuki View Post
The story doesnt tell much neither, which for spoiler reasons is acceptable.But you said that there wasnt any treat to the world, but then a threat appears? kinda... Hypocritical?no thats not the word.... contradicting i think.Anyway, you went against your own story.
You obviously didn't spend much time reading the story. Never once did I say that there was no threat. Seriously, find out what seemingly means.

Originally Posted by lx_theo View Post
The region map doesn't seem all that good. The setup isn't quite, but almost rectangular feeling than a natural world feel. Also the mixing of tiles doesn't look great.
The whole region is pretty much built on a mountain. As you get closer to the center, the higher the mountains get. The tileset is also a work in progress. I would rather build the game than focus on that.

The whole reason i started this game was because I like to explore things. Its the whole reason why i ever played pokemon. Trust me, the maps will only get more spectacular, and with more caves and other places to explore as the game progresses.
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