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    Originally Posted by cedrickaga View Post
    guys? is there only one pokemon raptor ex?

    i mean are there other version?

    cuz i found a lot of bugs in pokemon raptor ex

    1. there are i think 2 bugs at mt.earthbound 1st is that there is a man saying that he saw something weird inside mt.earthbound that makes him not to wonder in (which means there is a legendary pokemon) but when i get inside all i can access is the mining place and the floor before you enter the mining place where there is a hole in the wall but it seems that it is blocked by a crumbled rocks 2nd is that when you go around at the back of the pillar like stone where there are 2 people standing you could actually pass and walk above the terrain which i think it shouldn't be..

    2. at route 20 when you try to go to the platform where you have to push 2 rocks you are still on a whaladon or the whale like pokemon..

    3. at freezeday city, at the bottom leftmost house there is a flower outside wherein when you press the confirm button you will be asked if you want to surf LOL T_T

    and there are more i think ill post them some other time

    hope that omegagroudon read my post so that he can fix some of the bugs

    hope i helped.....
    Sadly it looks like omegagroudon and wichu haven't been active in this project since april I think, so I don't think the remaining bugs will ever be fixed, but the game is awesome nonetheless.

    Originally Posted by Flayre View Post
    Hey guys, is it just me or is the download broken?

    I clicked on "The Newest Release," and it leads me to another page on this forum.

    From there, I click on "Download Link," and it takes me to a MegaUpload page that says the file has been removed.

    Any help please? This looks pretty awesome and I really want to try it. Thank you!
    That link has been dead since god knows when but the game was reuploaded on post#4092 page 164 of this thread. However, someone reported that version to have a problem at some point in the game where you get stuck and can't continue playing. I reuploaded another version I think is v1.17 since I'm already past that reported part and I haven't experienced any major problems besides some little inoffensive bugs.

    I had to use another computer other than mine but I finally was able to upload this. I can't post links yet so just replaces the (dot) part with an actual dot:


    Also, you can find useful the post I made about important parts on this thread, it's post 4098 on the page 164.

    Originally Posted by cedrickaga View Post
    to those who wants manaphy i have a clue for you..

    uhm i just accidentally found manaphy so ill just share it to you..

    well actually you cant get manaphy as MANAPHY you could get him/her as an egg....

    just look for a pokeball with an egg inside......

    another clue "search for places you already have searched"

    goodluck for manaphy hunting
    Thanks for the tips bro!!

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