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OH MY after 6 months i decided to continue with fire red there is a big update

two rock slides from kangaskan

one hyper fang from raticate

took a few shock waves from wiglituff he only uses dragon rage

only two surf with snorlax to took down

dodrio aerial ace defeated him


body slam from snorlax

dizzy punch from kanghaskhan

Aerial ace from dodrio

he uses calm mind and i used dizzy punch and killed


rock slide killed

another dead from rock slide

that guy killed dodrio and snorlax but tauros surf took god care of him

buff i was very luck because his fire blast miss a lot and my surf was very powerfull


-hyper fang
-super fang
-iron tail

-water pulse
-shock wave
-body slam

-aerial ace
-steel wing
-try attack

-rock slide
-brick breack
-dizzy punch

-fire blast

-rock tomb
-body slam

pd sorry for my poor english but i am from spain
PD2:The images didnt work so i will edit later
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