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You are a new Pokémon trainer in the Hokkaido region. You receive news from your mom that Professor Oak, Professor Elm, Professor Birch, and Professor Rowen (Rowen could not make it so Greg took his spot) where at the local library, so you've gone to see them. You soon find out that there's a Pokémon league so you decide to take a starter Pokémon and begin your journey. But things aren't always that simple, A team of Pokémon thieves by the name "Team Trooper", has a sinister plan to capture every Pokémon and use them for test subjects. it's up to you to stop them an find out what is there master plan. Will you be the one to save all the Pokémon in the Hokkaido Region and beat the Pokémon league?

Characters (So Far):
Barry: Male hero (Name could be changed)
Amy: Female hero (Name could be changed)
Professor Oak: Pokémon Professor
Professor Elm:
Pokémon Professor
Professor Birch:
Pokémon Professor
Greg: Filling in for Professor Rowen
RPG Maker XP with Peter O.'s Pokémon Starter Kit

Screen shots:


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More Screen shots coming soon.

You may choose between any starter from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnho
Battle through a brand new region
Face the terrible Team Trooper
Enjoy an exiting new story
Use "Mystery Gift" to get rare items and Pokémon
5th Gen Pokémon Graphics and Pokédex

If anyone would be interested in being a trainer in the game's Battle Tower, please PM me with your trainers name and Pokémon (The Pokémon can't be legendary nor above Level 90)