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    Team Pirate

    Hello, I am Teejermiester (you can call me TM), and this is my first and only hacking team (That I own). When I started hacking about six months ago, like most people I thought that I could make a (Good) hack on my own. Turns out that you can't. So, I am trying to make a hacking team, to help me reach my vision, and afterwards make some very good hacks together.

    Therefore, that is why I want Team Pirate (A fitting name, don't you think?) to join. It is open to anyone who can hack, even amatuers, so we all can learn how to hack better and become a good team, growing together in our hacking skills.

    This team will hack only fire red.

    Here is the banner, credit goes to Pepito1010:

    -Mappers REALLY wanted
    -If we can get a good fakemon maker, we'll make a couple new legendaries. If not, we won't. We can just use groudon and/or some others. I was hoping for a ground/dragon type legendary, but Groudon will do.

    Current Projects: Pokemon Petra (Fire Red Hack)
    Finished Projects: N/A

    Our first hack will be Pokemon Petra. A hack that I was working on, but failed and so will be re-made by this team. Here is the storyline:

    You are a ten year old boy going to do an errand for your mother. On the way out of your home town, Prof. Kran aks you to do an errand for him too. In payment, he'll give you a pokemon. So, you go to the next town, and pick up a package for Prof. Kran. After you do that, you decide that you should take the pokemon league challenge.

    After beating the first gym leader, you find a secret hideout in a cave, mining and shipping mysterious red crystals to somewhere. The people there battle you, and you find out that their name is Team Eben, and they use rock type pokemon. What they were doing is unknown, and their work seems to be done, considering they all run off.

    You are told by the police that a organization known as Team Eben has been looting houses and holding people captive. They are also illegally mining expensive minerals. You tell the police that you have met them before and vow to put an end to their crimes.

    After beating the second and third Gym Leader, you find another hideout in a large city, covered up by a special mart that sells awesome battle items (for high prices). This one is also shipping the same red crystals, but seems to be getting them from somewhere else, not mining them. When you beat the person in charge here, they drop a card key.

    (Somewhere in here, you battle the fourth gym leader)

    You find yet another hideout enclosed deep in a cave, gaurded by numerous grunts. When you reach the bottom, you find a decently sized room filled with equipment and running machines that seem to be mining the red crystals.. You battle a couple grunts and the person in charge. The people in the mining room then run off, and an old man they had held captive gives you a pass to allow you through checkpoints run by the police to catch criminals.

    You find out more about this mysterious Team Eben, and how they are selling these rare crystals called Cumulon to a foreign region to fund some sort of plan.

    After beating the fifth and sixth gym leaders, you come across one more hideout hidden in a secret alcove. This hideout seems to be the head facility, because there is a shipping plant, a mining facility, AND many offices. At the bottom, you meet the leader of Team Eben, Thomas. He explains more about Team Eben's plans to mine into the mountain and capture the sleeping "spirit" to allow them to... Just then an earthquake happens, and Thomas dissapears.

    You leave the hideout only to discover from people that the earthquake was caused by many lava flows inside the mountain, that are occuring for no known reason. You decide to investigate Team Eben's plan.

    After you beat the seventh gym leader, you find a cave that looks unnatural, like it was drilled out. You go inside it, to find a bunch of lava flows, large rocks, caverns, and... Team Eben. This was what Thomas was talking about. You get to the bottom of the cave to find Thomas and his three Admins, trying to awaken the sleeping spirit with an orb made from the crystals. You battle the three Admins, and then Thomas. After you defeat them, Thomas tells you the whole story. Team Eben used to be a cult that worshipped Groudon, the spirit and gaurdian of the island/mountain. After decades of private worshipping and studying ancient legends, they uncovered an ancient legend stating that Groudon would one day awake. If Groudon was not controlled, the Xephos region would sink into the sea, and the natural balance of life in the other parts of the world would be disrupted.


    Groudon then awakes, knocking everyone but you out. you then battle Groudon, and defeat it. When Thomas and the others wake up, you are congratulated and sent on your way. You then are able to beat the final Gym Leader, and the Elite Four.

    On the way through the game, you meet many people that re-occur many times. (Just unique pokemon trainers, really. I was thinking about four.)

    After you beat the Elite Four, you are able to go the the region Team Eben was shipping Cumulon to: Pixus. This region is an archipilago (bunch o' islands) and features many more pokemon and side quests, as well as a floating city, the three birds, a new legendary, and a main quest that involves Team Eben. However, now they are on your side. Or are they?

    If you guys have any more ideas for this hack, please tell. BTW, here's the basic info on the region:


    This hack takes place in the Xephos Region, a mountainious island supposedly risen out of the sea by a "legendary spirit". *cough*groudon*cough*. There are numerous caves, as well as beaches, mountain passes (duh) and some cliffside roads. The town that you start out on is on the second level of the mountain, there are four. (1=beaches, 2=cliffs + a couple valleys, 3=higher cliffs+flats before the fourth level, and 4=peak)

    Once again, If you have a problem with this, please do tell.

    If you want to join, please fill out the form:

    Position Wanted:
    Proof of Work:
    Contact info:
    Time on PC:

    This is the positions list (red = really not needed, yellow means kinda needed, but isn't necessary, and green means REALLY needed.)

    Mappers (needed very much)
    World Mappers (first priority, PLEASE JOIN!!!!!)
    OW Spriters
    Music Composers/Inserters.
    Tile Makers/Inserters
    Item Editors
    Other Graphics Editors (Titlescreen, Intro, Bag, Etc.)

    Current Members:
    Teejermiester: Leader and General Helper
    Pepito1010: Banner maker (and possible mapper/spriter )
    Sean777: Mapper
    Rickk12345: Scripter
    Tower Tycoon Palmer: Scripter/OWer
    Bosaap: Scripter
    Leareth2: Scripter

    Btw, I can make the progressing hack/hacks showcase thread when we get going


    Beta 1 Coming Soon! ||||||||||