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    Picture Guide and Video Guide

    Tools Required
    Advanced Pokemon Sprite Editor
    YAPE (Yet Another Pokemon Editor)
    First. Choose your sprite, I will be using Buneary

    Uploaded with
    Second. the Width and Height, Both at 64 (easily done with attributes)

    Uploaded with
    Third. open your sprite with Irfanview

    Uploaded with
    Fourth. Go to Image and click Decrease Color Depth, 16 Colors

    Uploaded with
    Fifth. Open pallete click the color closest to <- this side of the screen
    and change it to the backround color, on the backround color to ->
    this side change it to black.

    Uploaded with

    Uploaded with
    Sixth. Save it as a different name then the other one (Preferablly save the first image as -Pokemon Name- Un, and the second one -Pokemon Name- In, Un standing for Unindexed, In standing for Indexed, Unindexed was before we changed the color depth and pallete, Indexed is after we did)

    Seventh. So now you should have something two files named something like -Pokemon Name- Un and -Pokemon Name- In, when you open the Indexed one in paint it will look screwed up,Open up a second paint and do this CTRL+A select all and CTRL+C copy it, paste the Unindexed version of it in the Indexed Version of it and save it and delete the unindexed file
    save the indexed file as -Pokemon Name- In.
    Uploaded with

    Eighth.Open Advanced Sprite Editor go to the pokemon you are going to erase, click Edit, Click Import all, Double click the indexed sprite, Click update Sprite Pallette, and click the Button to the left of that, if it says something about aborting click the red X of the box that appeared, but if the bottom 2 sprites on the left are good dont click the button to the left of update sprite pallette. Finally click Okay and then Write to Rom, Click Find Free Space and type the code into the start offset and Click okay.

    Ninth. Close Advanced Pokemon Sprite Editor, and Open your ROM with YAPE and edit your Pokemon.

    For backsprites get a picture of a back sprite, and follow steps 1 - 8, yes the attributes still must be 64 x 64

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