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Originally Posted by xoax View Post
I like those Dewford trees. =3 They look sweet.
The Dewford tree in southeast of the map looks weird. Otherwise,a very good map. 8/10
Map name: Dark Woods
Game: For my unnamed ruby hack.
Description: Short woods which are the habitat of many dark-type pokemon.

Ignore the palette of the "pine dust". I already changed it.
Rating: 3/10
Reason: Too many grasses :\ It seems that u'll run into a pokemon every step. Plus it's too small.... the player could hardly move! The trees don't look natural as they seem if you look at a real forest. The ledges lead to a dead end... I liked how you placed the rocks and flowers though
Make the map bigger... separate the grass patches more... Try using the bigger trees
Map Name: Route 270
Map Game: Ruby
Comments: This route is meant to be grassy since it's located in the middle of an untouched forest. To the east, it leads to a beach.

Malayan Tapirs FTW.