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Reviewed Map:
Originally Posted by Poke_a_Dialga! View Post
Map Name: Route 270
Map Game: Ruby
Comments: This route is meant to be grassy since it's located in the middle of an untouched forest. To the east, it leads to a beach.
Review: The palette is... A little plain and old looking xD But this isn't a pal rating thread, so back to the map. I like your tall grass placement, But I think you should have the trees flipped the other way, big trees as the border and small trees as extra =P But I like the concept of teh map
Suggestions: Well, besides making the palette more alive, switch the trees from small to big ones. Also fix the lining of the trees, you don't want border problems =P

Map Name: Pinewood Town
Map Game: Ruby
Comments: A little map I made. It's the hometown, and yeah... Just want your guys opinions on the map. Maybe it's for a hack, maybe not. Who knows... Also who cares if I used cross generation-tiles x-x It's my map, yeesh.