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    Originally Posted by Destiny Demon View Post

    Map Name: Pinewood Town
    Map Game: Ruby
    Comments: A little map I made. It's the hometown, and yeah... Just want your guys opinions on the map. Maybe it's for a hack, maybe not. Who knows... Also who cares if I used cross generation-tiles x-x It's my map, yeesh.
    Review: For starters, its a nice little town. The palette is also pretty good, albeit a tad plain. I like the house on the far right, it looks pretty cool, but the purple houses are a little ugly. House and object placement is very good, and it is up to the standards of a Pokemon game.

    However, it has one flaw. It is just a little too plain. Now, that may not be a bad thing if you were going for a simple looking town, but all in all, it's a slightly boring map.
    7.5/10 :3

    My Map:
    Name: Palet Town and Route 1 Respectively
    Game: FireRed
    Keep in my mind that these are reworks, and not intended to be completely original maps.


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