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    As promised heres the sinnoh log for Kabuto:.

    -Started game
    -Choose starter(Turtwig) for HM slave and easier rival
    -Caught a starly(HM slave) and a Kricketot(to trade the egg in)
    -Transferred and hatched the egg
    -Travelled to Jubilife
    -Defeated Rival
    -Travelled to floaroma
    -Saved wind works
    -Travelled through eterna forest with cheryl
    -Challenged Gardenia again and again and again...... Finally beat her with aurora beam
    -Saved the bike guy from Team Galactic
    -Travelled to Hearthome
    -Beat Rival
    -Travelled through solaceon then to Vielstone
    -Kabuto evolved into Kabutops
    -Beat Maylene with slash and bubble beam
    -Helped Dawn get her Pokedex back
    -Travelled to Pastoria
    -Beat Wake with slash
    Log 2
    -Beat Rival
    -Travelled to The town with the elders(forgot it's name)
    -Went back to Hearthome
    -Beat Fantina with surf
    -Travelled to Canalave
    -Beat Rival
    -beat Byron with surf
    -Went to the lake
    -Beat Team Galactic
    -Helped Dawn beat Team Galactic agian
    -Travelled to Snowpoint
    -Beat Candice with slash
    -Went to Team Galactic's secret base in Vielstone
    -Saved the three lake pokes
    -Climbed Mt. Coronet
    -Beat up Team Galactic
    -Beat Dialga
    -Travelled to Sunyshore
    Log 3
    -Beat Volknore With Slash
    -Got to Victory road
    -Beat Rival
    -Challenged the elite four
    -Beat Aron with slash
    -Beat Agatha with Waterfall
    -Beat Flint with Waterfall
    -Beat Lucien with a combination
    -Challenged Cynthia
    -Beat Spiritomb with waterfall
    -Beat Garchomp with waterfall/aurora beam
    -Beat Gastrodon with combination
    -Beat Milotic with slash
    -Beat Lucario with waterfall

    Sinnoh, like Johto I find pretty boring(mostly becuase of the lack of a fast ford button lol) so this took a little longer then hoped.

    Anyway that means that I'm done with my second Ultimate solo :D. Kabutops is a great Pokemon and I'm proud of my new group of them(there standing right next to my Metagross's who look a little jealous XD).
    Completed challenges:

    Ultimate solo run with Kabutops

    Current challenges:
    Ultimate solo run with Nidoking, [K][J][H][S][U]
    Black part of solo rune with Kabutops

    Evidently I like solo challenges

    Metagross and salamence fan