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Update #5:

-Went down Cycling road, reached Fuschia
-Went East to battle the trainers there and up to Lavander.
-Flew back to Saffron and did the Silpho co. fiasco
-Battled Blue, which was a tricky battle but I still managed it
-Fought the karate people in the dojo
-Beat Sabrina fairly easily:

-Flew back to Fuschia and battled Koga and won really easily:


Update #6:

-Beat Blaine:

-Beat Giovanni

-Went through the Victory road & beat the elite four members (which the only hard one was Agatha)
-Defeated Lance

-Beat Blue, which the only problem was sandslash because of his earthquake:

-Got into the hall of fame:

And so the first part of my challenge is over, now to move onto SS with a new Pikachu. Good times.
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