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    Originally Posted by Haz View Post

    Now, my map


    So, it's call Seasaur Port, and it's the starting town. The player arrives via the port to see his/ her mother after spending two years with their father in Kanto, and they are asked to get a Pokemon off Professor Rex. They then musy head over the mountain to get into the main region.

    The cave is guarded by a policeman who deems it unstable to go in. You can't get back on the boat at the port, because Salior Sean the 'captian', crashed it after you hopped off XD
    Okay, so it's been a while for me. I'm sure everyone has missed me.[/sarcasm] Anyway, as for this map, I'm gonna break it down from the bottom up.

    Bottom: First thing I noticed about the water is the edges that make up the border. They're blocky. I am almost 100% positive there's a tile to round them and make them look slightly more natural.

    Middle: The town itself seems set up quite nicely. I don't really have a problem with anything there. The flower placement is great. Not too much, not too little. The path seems to be made out of people who tracked wet sand from the beach and walked around town a bit, making it permanent over time. So the path is great.

    Top: The mountain. Oh, the mountain. It has a great shape. Seems very natural, so that's a bonus. However, some spots on the mountain have only 1 block wide pathways. That tends to make the player feel trapped. So, that's a turn off.

    All in all, a great map. I like it a whole lot. My rating for the map is a solid 8/10

    Now, it's my turn. It's been quite a while since I've mapped. Or even posted on Pokecommunity for that matter, so this is the product of a late, boring night.

    Map name: Random Route 1
    Map base: Fire Red

    Comments: This is what I came up with tonight. The area to the left is a place for training and catching decent Pokemon after going through the hellish cave. The area to the right is the exit leading to the next route / town. Obviously, that leaves the lower area(haha) as the entrance.(Once again, haha) Give me your thoughts, comments, and ratings please. It's good to be back.