Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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Huh, that's funny. I was just looking into this a couple weeks ago in Emerald. My hypothesis was that whenever the battle engine needed to figure out whether to use a pokémon's physical or special stat, it used the Type of the attack. I quickly figured out that types 0x00 (normal) through 0x08 (steel) were physical, 0x09 was "???", and the rest were special. Though I never finished the project I found that at '0x069a5a', there is the following code (more or less: I made up labels for better readability and left out a few unnecessary commands):

cmp r1, #0x8
blt physical
b continue


cmp r1, #0x9
bne special
... @ else, type == "???"
I assume that there are multiple instances of the following code. Again, I hypothesized that this check would need to be performed at least twice: once for the attacking pokémon's physical/special Attack stat and then again for the defending pokémon's physical/special Defense stat. But then there are variables such as whether Light Screen/Reflect is up. The above code is all that I've found so far but if I ever get the time, I'll look into it more in-depth.

Anyway, can you explain what some of those changed bytes do? Just showing us the changes in raw data between two ROMs is kinda boring. What, exactly, was changed?

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