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    Originally Posted by Yuoaman View Post
    I'm going to reserve my full judgment until I see the project in action, but I do love that you're using Java rather than Essentials or some other kit. The only thing I can really critique right now is the graphics, which honestly require quite a bit of work. You're using clashing graphics in the same map, and you've done the bare minimum for mapping. Most other things I'll have to wait for the video before I can make a comment.
    The map i made was just for testing, i really needed some people to help with tilesets and sprites before i do more.

    If anyone wants to help me just give me a PM, tilesets need to be cut though, im using my own caching format so for example if you have a tileset which is a type of grass which has like 20 variations (for the ground, such as path blending etc) it would need to be cut into those seperate files and placed in a folder then named like;

    0,1,2,3,4,5 etc etc, then i'd just pack with my cache editor.

    I also need trainer sprites, overworlds and pretty much everything, so if anyone wants to help out with this project you will recieve full credits and if you desire i can pay you with PayPal, however please pre-predict prices for artwork.