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Actually, buddy, let me tell you something.

My new file has 25 hours. And I'm halfway through.

I know that this wasn;t the best, but some of what you say offends me.

And how can I not spell? If you're going to help me, at least tell me where I'm missing something.

I compared that game to others because Dragon Quest IX apparently has that kind of competition. This game is a part of a series, so I was comparing it to other games that had sort of the same reputation.

About the random encounters.

They're not very random, like Pokemon, except that you get used to the game, knowing what not to avoid, when something just spawns at your feet. And when three of your team members are dead, and you're weak, you get pissed. In Pokemon, you can run, or use a Poke Doll. In Dragon Quest IX, chances of fleeing: 33-50%.

I'll use Microsoft Word some other time, but seriously the way you did this was kinda hurtful. This isn't something important. True, this is a review, but seriously you're acting like this is some document I'm turning. What the hell.

And for the record, I can write constructive sentences. I was tired that night, I'll try again. Tomorrow, because I have a headache right now.