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    okay then,

    your thrust into the game.


    and flys off

    But there are a few things that kills me as a player, and reviewer.

    There are a few things that kill me as a player and reviewer.

    And at last, gameplay hours. I guarantee you'll play this game for 50 hours. The first part, not the post, the first part. After that, expect over 100 hours. This game is more addicting than Pokemon. Because there;s so much to do!

    You said you haven't beaten the game. Make your mind up.

    This actually has some of the best graphics.

    ...this doesn't make sense in context. Try 'This actually has some of the best graphics on the system.'
    But there's also the account of 2D and 3D sprites. It gets annoying, fast.

    How does it get annoying? Nice explaining.

    While battling in the later game, you'll notice that monster's HP will rise rise rise, and it'll get harder to KO them. Which is why you'll find yourself buying a lot of equipment.

    It's called difficulty. Most games have it.

    The Storyline: 9.5/10
    This game's storyline is so hooing you'll be begging for more once you finish the game...and trust me you will get more.

    I'm guessing you meant hooking? So much for I hasn't beeten dis gaem!!!111!

    The Wi-FI: 7/10
    The worst part of this game, at least in the Americas or regions outside of Japan.


    I, presonally, found the wi-fi the best part of the game. It was quite easy to find partners on it, :\

    My new file has 25 hours. And I'm halfway through.

    Cool story, bro. I thought it went for 100 hours? :P

    And how can I not spell? If you're going to help me, at least tell me where I'm missing something.

    See the entirenty of my above post. :P

    And for the record, I can write constructive sentences

    I never said they weren't constructive, I said they weren't constructed well. :P

    And your formatting is ew. I recommend typing it up on word, centering the text,
    Have some composure, where is your posture?
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