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    So I decided the spriter's showcase thread was basically a forum for criticism on scratch sprites. This thread is to discuss about pixel art in general, styles, tools, references, etc. There are some rules you'll need to follow however.


    All Pokécommunity rules apply.

    Please don't showcase sprites here, this is a discussion thread. If you would like to showcase your sprite(s), post it in the Spriter's Showcase thread or create your own showcase thread if you have four scratch sprites to showcase.

    Stay on topic, if you would like to bring up another topic then do so but include a response to the previous topic.

    If you need help regarding tools, terminology or have a question including those topics, feel free to post. Asking for constructive criticism for your sprites in this thread is prohibited. Such posts will be deleted.

    Like the general Pokécommunity rules, don't advertise websites including other forums. You are not allowed to advertise your shop or sprites as well.

    Just don't spam. It's that simple. Such posts will be deleted. ):

    That's pretty much it, if you have any concerns, questions or suggestions please contact Logiedan.

    Starting Topic: What program do you spriters use for your pixel art?