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Spherical Ice
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  • Hello? I am trying to login to my account here and having problems. idk if I am logging in to the right account or if you would even remember who I am.
    Hi, just won pokemon league, thank you for this amazing game. It's been very fun and I loved the blend of pokemon of different generations and the story, congrats ??????
    If you need any help with testing the new release or feedback on some ideas I'd love to be of help!
    P.s. hall of fame team: Torterra, Blastoise, Jolteon, Aggron, Metagross and Megasalamence ??????
    how did you modify the ugly green backround in the gaia title? ive been searching for offsets and have identified all of them but that. i know how to change the color, but i dont understand how you managed to put an image there and maintain the "sliding effect" when it enters the title screen..
    Hello hello, how are you? I put out a walkthrough for v3.2 some months ago, in case you didn't see it you will find it here: https://archive.org/details/pokemon-rom-hack-walkthroughs

    Have a look, if there are any errors or information that I got wrong please let me know. And if you have any documentation that you can send my way before the next update, that way I will be prepared :) enjoy your week and thank you for making Gaia. Cheers
    Greetings from someone who have fully enjoyed playing Pokémon gaia!

    Great hack, beautifuly done

    But I actually have created my account just so I can report a bug i've found, and ask for apologies in advance if this is not the proper way to do it

    When registrating my team in the hall of fame, my trevenant was identified as a gloom, and my samurott was identified as a ho-oh

    I notice both of them are from olders generations (gen 5 and 6), and i think this might be correlated, but im not sure

    I made an effort to have one Pokémon of every gen on my team, so having them wrongfully registered in the hall of fame was kind of a boomer :c

    Anyway, im glad for your hours of work and dedication on this rom, and expect to play gaia 4.0 as soon as possible

    Great work, and thanks for the attention
    Hi Spherical Ice, JGuz47 here big fan of Pokemon Gaia.. I was wondering when will the v4 be available? I know that at the end of the game of v3.2 the Prof. said something about a 4 year gap? Is that in game or is it in the real world where it would actually take 4 years for v4 to be complete?
    hello spherical I' ve been creating a fire red rom hack, recently i've finished an original map, with tones of new cities and routes and now I want to add new pokemons but can't seem to be able to do it, because you were so successful in gaia i would apriciate if you told me how you did it, one rom hacker to another, thanks for everything and keep on doing such amazing hacks!
    So, I messed around with the pokemon data, and was able to reorganize them completely without using a decomp. So, that's a thing if you're interested.
    I also looked at the list of bugs present. Maybe that's the best place to start. I have a pretty good idea on how to fix number of them.
    Just say the word if you're interested. I'd need the last version of the ROM, so that it doesn't conflict with what you're currently doing. And what would be even better is all the non assembled/non compiled routines/code you have already inserted in the ROM. I can disassemble evenrything but that's less convenient without labels :p

    Cheers :)
    Glad to come back for a little while actually! Everything is fine IRL, I hope it is for you too. Weird times !
    Anyways! Yes I did have some specific things in mind actually! Not music, that not my thing at all :p Some of the ideas I have depend on whether you will use the decomp/CFRU or not. I think it'd be best, even if you'd have to redo many things, in the end it's going to be smoother and easier to edit. Well, you tell me about that.
    Either way:

    -I was thinking of improving features regarding the battle engine, moves, abilities. Are you planning on adding more of them ? I can do some in either C or dynamic ASM, improving/fix the existing ones. Also, did you fix mega evolution in 2 VS 2 ?

    -I tested a little hack of the function that get and set the pokemon data. Note that it breaks save compatibility. Basically you can save from 10 to 20 bytes for each pokemon in your party (and even more in the PC, to save space, but that's something I'm not confortable with yet). This allows you to use that free space to load anything dynamically from the pokemon data party.
    For example, even though all blaziken can only have blaze, I set a byte of the party to 0x25 (huge power), and it will have huge power, even though its species is not supposed have that ability. You can do that for the stats, the sprite, the item, anything.
    Like if you want to make a boss having stronger mons, or a different ability, without creating a new species, or a different sprite (clone charizard or something) that's no problem.
    Well, you get the point :p

    -Maybe help fixing some bugs too :)

    That'd be my pleasure!
    Hey Sphice, how you're doing ?
    I haven't been here for a few years, and I've seen the progress on Gaia, it's incredible.
    I have some free time currently, whith all the things going on, so I'm slowly getting back in RH. I thought I could help developping/improving features for Gaia, if you're interested.
    By the way, do you still develop it the "traditionnal" way or have you switched to a C environment ?
    Either way I'd gladly help !
    Have a good one :)
    Hey buddy! I was wondering if your amazing PSS icons on battle are complatible with CFRU since I tried to install it but this was the result:

    However TM case looks pretty neat:

    Is there a way to fix it? I'm guessing the issue is related to updates made on efectiveness colors for Type texts
    hey sperical ice, im having an issue with ur sideways stairs mod for firered, the stairs work fine for the most part except the top and bottom rows, i followed ur guide so im confused why it isnt working, but basically on the top row, i can go up the stairs, but i cant go down, its completely impassable on the way down, almost as if there is a wall in the way blocking me or something. for the bottom row im having the opposite issue, i can go down the stairs just fine, but i cant go up them without being blocked. i removed the impassable movement permissions on the tiles and i could use the stairs just fine, but then i could walk through the hills around the stairs and i dont want that. if u can help me i would greatly appreciate it
    Heya Spherical! I was playing though Gaia for the first time today and I noticed you had working grass animations for more than just regular grass. Like your snow grass anim was perfect and not just green like the regular grass. Do you have any information on how that was done?
    you know some asm for change nature in FR ?? you make change color for each nature but im noob in it.
    Excuse me Sphery, in one of your vids of pokémon gaia, in the one that shows tornadus and that stuff, I saw both male and female farmer overworlds, are those for public use? if so, can you share them and tell me who should I give credit to?
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