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Other Chat & Discussions Forum Rules

Before posting and/or creating threads in Other Chat & Discussions, please refer to these rules beforehand to avoid any unnecessary issues. Keep up to date with the PokéCommunity Rules, too!

Off-Topic Board =/= Post random stuff

Off-topic as it may be, that does NOT mean post whatever you'd like. Other Chat & Discussions is for topics that do not fall under preexisting categories. If you are unsure about posting, or about creating a thread here, contact a staff member for assistance first. Other Chat & Discussions is home to a variety of topics, usually of the more mature & worldly variety, from current newsworthy events, politics, religion, culture, and other scholastic, moral, ethical, and philosophically related topics. Also, stay on topic in threads! If you want to deviate or branch off from the main topic in a thread, feel free to create another thread. (Unless it's already been made)

Respect Everyone!
Other Chat & Discussions is home to intelligent and sometimes heated debates, over a variety of topics, so disagreements are bound to happen eventually. Try to keep your arguments at a logical and appropriate level- You can defend your argument all you want, but do so in a professional manner. Do not make any offensive, disrespectful, or annoying posts towards another member. It serves no purpose except to start pointless arguments. Flaming and trolling this forum will result in disciplinary action. Doing so under any circumstances will result in a Warning or Infraction, depending on prior offenses/or lack thereof. If you see offensive posting, quietly report it to the staff via the report button. Do not take matters into your own hands, the problem will be dealt with accordingly.

Regarding Moderation
The point of moderation is to not sacrifice threads and/or discussion because of a few bad apples, while maintaining a friendly atmosphere for all to post in. The entire point of Other Chat & Discussions, and by extension, the entire Pokecommunity Forum as a whole, is to discuss matters and debate opinions, and locking every thread that gets a little intense is counter-intuitive to that end. Moderation in this section is fairly strict, so be aware of that when posting here. Therefore, we reserve the right to close any thread or delete any post if we feel it has gotten out of hand or if it's deemed unnecessary or inappropriate in any way, shape, or form.

Polls belong in OVP, not here!
When making a thread in Other Chat & Discussions, does the thread title and with a ? Are you asking a question, without much supporting information or material? Is the thread designed to pose an question, and you answer, and then leave the discussion? If so, you should move your thread to Other Voting Polls. However, an OVP thread may be moved back to Other Chat & Discussions, should it generate a significant amount of discussion and evolve from what the OP originally was.

Be Objective & Balanced
When making threads in Other Chat & Discussions, you should be making threads with the intent of creating a nice, broad, and long discussion. Basically, you want to make successful and intelligent threads. Use facts, sources and scholarly material when making a discussion where that would be appropriate (In example, use crime rates in threads about crime, Carbon Dioxide Emission figures in a thread about climate change, etc) Given that OC&D deals heavily in politics, DO NOT post politically charged threads solely designed to bash or to defame another political entity. OC&D is not a landfill for your hyper-partisan political views. Keep that to your blog, or more preferably, keep it to yourself.

Three Strikes Rule
In order to preserve discussions, and in order to make the Other Chat & Discussions forum friendly for EVERYONE, Other Chat & Discussions will follow a simple rule when it comes to threads. Strikes can be either a deleted post or a warning via PM to stop posting as such. You will receive a strike - tantamount to a warning - should you cause trouble in any particular thread. Once you have accumulated 3 strikes in one thread, you will be BANNED FROM POSTING IN THAT PARTICULAR THREAD. Should you post in a thread you're banned from, you will receive an infraction, and possibly more.

Regarding the Daily Chit Chat
The Daily Chit Chat, also known as the DCC, is OC&D's light-hearted general chat & talking\ thread. It's a place to crash and chill out for the night, but that doesn't mean you can spam - try to stay on the topic ant hand. There are 4 editions of the thread per year, that coincide with the seasons.

New DCC's begin on:

March 21st
June 21st
September 21st
December 21st

The right to create a DCC can be raffled off to the lucky, active user of OC&D. Stay active and it could be yours!

Any further questions? Direct them towards Livewire or a Higher Staff member.