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    Your RP status so far
    Note: Legendaries can not be repeated. Starters can.
    Charzeon: Starter: Totodile, Legendary: Suicune [SU COMPLETE: First completed. Yay! On short side but since you were the first, you got a break]
    angel: Starter: Pikachu, Legendary: Jirachi [SU COMPLETE: It is one of the best so far]
    Godzil: Starter: Treecko, Legendary: Palkia [SU COMPLETE: Also one I really like]
    pokepokemo: Starter: Starly (Wild Card), Legendary: Dialga [SU COMPLETE: You are good]
    Sophie: Starter: Shinx (Wild Card), Legendary: Mespirit [SU COMPLETE: Great one]
    Hunterzerotarter: Charmander, Legendary: Giratina [SU COMPLETE: Also great]
    Dragonite149: Starter: Pidgey, Legendary: Darkrai [SU COMPLETE: Finished it]
    Lisbeth: Starter: Charmander, Legendary: Raikou [SU COMPLETE: Good]

    Reserved: I'll hold for now but if you really want the legendary and you post an SU before them (and you are accepted) then you can have it.
    None for now. Reserved prior have either been accepted or deleted from reserve list. Can still submit application to get pokemon while you are at it

    BTW update: Added a banner. It's hard to see but it's Arceus in the background and Mewtwo in the foreground.

    Also the starter type can repeat... That would be fine although I'd rather it not. The legendaries though can not.

    And I have a great story plot for someone who would want to take a Darkrai. You'll get an encounter with your legendary in the beginning (or close to it) if you take him.
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