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    okay both accepted. No more RP allowed to post on this thread. Just VM me and I'll add you. Lets get started. And no more OOC post for now

    Chapter 1: The start of your journey

    Lavignor has completely fallen into the hands of Team Rocket and their captain Spartacus. Wallace was no match for these crooked thieves who ambushed him and stole his Milotic. When they first pushed an attack on Wallace he faced off against Spartacus with his Milotic.

    Against his Milotic, Spartacus threw out a winged pokemon that was gray with a large mouth. An ancient pokemon that people did not know still existed... Aerodactyl

    Wallace started off with a twister attack to shield himself while he unleashed a water pulse on Aerodactyl. The winged pokemon countered with an Ancient Power around his body to block the water pulse attack. And then he shot a wing attack at Milotic who easily dodged it.

    But right when Milotic dodged it, out of nowhere, Milotic was hit by a Nigh Slash attack by a Kabutops owned by one of Spartacus' grunts.

    Wallace saw that this would not be a fair fight by any means and thus he decided to pull out the big boys and used an Aqua Ring attack to envelop his Milotic to prevent both parties from attacking. He then unleashed a powerful Aqua Tail attack on Kabutops before going back into the Aqua Ring protection.

    But a Rampardos unleashed a Zen Headbutt attack on the Aqua Ring while Aerodactyl used Rock slide to damage the protective layer.

    Seeing it as a three on one, Wallace had no choice but to try attract on the pokemon so they would not attack. But these pokemon were trained to resist anything and it did not effect them one bit.

    They each set up for their powerful attacks... Rampardos with Head Smash, Aerodactyl with Hyper Beam, and Kabutops with Kabutops with Ancientpower. Wallace was out of options as his Milotic's Aqua Ring was disintegrating and it soon was about to feel all three attacks.

    Just suddenly, Wallace noticed all the trainers he just recently gave pokemon to. Fearing that they would be involved in this affair he quickly used Rain Dance to shield them while they ran away. Aqua Ring was destroyed and Milotic was hit by all three attacks.

    Wallace and his Milotic fought back with a Hydro Pump and Twister but the three pokemon heavily overpowered him. He tried to use Recover but his Milotic was too weak, it fell unconscious and he was taken captive and imprisoned in Lavignor. Spartacus took his Milotic from him and set up his fossil kingdom in Lavignor.

    The trainers escaped unnoticed and ran into route 2 in their path to Evagnor and Steven to tell him the bad news. *This is where chapter 2 starts

    Your Tasks:
    1. Write about getting your first pokemon
    2. You may write about your reaction to Wallace's fall...
    3. End it with going to route 2
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