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    Put spoiler tag so it will load faster
    OOC: dragonite. Congrats your pidgey just moved to level 6!

    Now lets get to chapter 2:

    IC: Chapter 2: Route 2 then Evagnor

    Chapter 2: Route 2 that leads to Evagnor
    Wild Pokemon in this route:

    Poochyena, Ralts (Uncommon), Taillow [levels depend on post]

    Must do tasks:
    1. Go through route 2 while you are trying to get to Evagnor.
    2. You may battle a pokemon here
    3. You must battle a trainer her (you can make the name and pokemon)
    Guideline for trainer: Level 5 pokemon that has a type weakness to yours. You can choose any. Just give them some moves to work with, don't even need an elemental can just be normal if you wish. But the harder it is and more detailed, the better your chance of a level up is.
    The trainer is there to guide you to Evagnor after the battle. He/She tells you where Evagnor is. You won't get their pokemon.
    @Charzeon: You must have your trainer follow you. Need not have it battle but it must be with you at all times (You probably know where I'm going with this).
    4. You can also battle one another, but since there is no pokemon center and you do not have any items yet. You might choose not to because you'd be weak from the trainer battle. Unless you did not take a huge hit (you made it work that way)
    5. You can find items, but just make the post and I'll determine what item you get... Depends on your post. The better, the better the item. But there won't be any crazy strong items this early yet. Maybe a pokeball to capture a pokemon?
    6. End it with reaching Evagnor

    What does route two look like? Here is a picture...

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