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    @Charzeon: Good reply and good with latin too cause I am a Classics Major so I do need to learn Latin lol. Level up for your Poochyena.

    BTW guys we are waiting on two people, if they don't reply by tomorrow we will move on to Chapter 3

    Anyways it's time for new chapter:

    Chapter 3: Evagnor

    In Evagnor you meet Steven, and you also get a chance to battle each other now for experience. Better written piece gets guarantee level up, but both can potentially get level up. You may even choose to joint post it where you can both get the level up or you can both get nothing... He also lets you know that there will be a tournament amongst you all in three days where he says only 5 of you will be able to continue on. Since the rules that we can only have 5 trainers at a time.

    After the tournament he sees the strength and fire in all of you so you are all allowed to go on to route 3 on your way to Rome. He'll tell you there are a lot of adventures for you before Rome, and to be careful and get stronger so you can go to Rome and take down the Team Rocket grunts there.

    You can also choose to stay an extra day to go to the library and learn more about what just happened in this land. There are a few diary entries here that detail what happened between Mewtwo and Arceus. Before they leave, the mysterious trainer that helped Kaylin find Evagnor decided to stay in Evagnor with Steven. You overhear them talking for a little bit and catch the end of it, Steven asks her how you are and her response was: "She's getting there..."

    Special Darkrai Trainer Event:

    You fall asleep and suddenly wake up in pitch darkness. You begin to roam around trying to find some light when you run into a person. This person uses a flashlight to light up the surrounding and instead of introducing themselves to you, just throw down a pokeball. This trainer is wearing a hoodie so you can not see their face at all, since that part is not shown through the flashlight for some odd reason. What comes out of his pokeball happens to be a Pidgeot, the final evolved form of your pokemon. This Pidgeot is extremely powerful too, knowing moves like wing attack, Aeriel Ace, Quick Attack, and Roost. You are not supposed to win this battle, and once you lose the mysterious trainer disappears but you hear a few words before he is completely gone. "You are not strong enough!!" What is this supposed to mean?

    1. Meet Steven, get items.
    2. The Darkrai trainer must deal with the nightmare event.
    3. You may go back to route 2 if you want to capture some pokemon or train a little against the wild pokemon.
    4. You must register in the tournament with your pokemon.
    5. You must choose someone from the group of RPers to battle. We have 8 (well now 6 cause two haven't posted) so it is evenly distributed. Four winners will advance, and one of the losers will expand based on how they do. (or it'd be 3 winners and the others battle for the other spots)
    *I prefer you do this in joint post but if you instead choose to have each post and winner is the one chosen, that would work too.
    *You have to finish the tournament. The winner of the entire thing will get a nice gift. Will not put you in a huge advantage over the others but it will be a nice gift... (This might be why it is better not to do joint posts).
    6. You will find out that he is impressed with all so you so you all can advance
    7. You may go to the library and then either I'll make the post about what happened or you will post it yourself. Either is fine with me. Just specify using [OOC]
    8. You must go to route 3, unless you wish to go back to route 2 now to capture some pokemon. But you have to end on route 3.

    [OOC: The level of the wild pokemon will, to some degree, count on how good your post is and how strong your strongest pokemon is... So going back later might be more beneficial]
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